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Another doctored Bernama photo of Najib crowd

Tue 2012-Sep-18 @ +08 09:23:15 am

Sept 19 update: Bernama takes down suspicious photo

Another Bernama photo has been called into question for being doctored (Photoshopped) to pad up a crowd at a function for Umno president Najib Tun Razak.

Two weeks ago, opposition politicians accused Bernama of having doctored a photograph of a Hari Raya crowd at the prime minister’s open house in Putrajaya: Bernama’s editor and photo desk denied it.

Then yesterday another Bernama photo started making the rounds on Facebook, with a suspicious portion on the upper left corner highlighted. The photo was of Najib Tun Razak meeting well-wishers at a constituency function in Pekan, and had been used by the New Straits Times with its report on Page 2.

A blow-up of the suspicious portion

This blow-up of the official Bernama photo shows that several people in the crowd appear twice in the photo: a section of the crowd had clearly been duplicated and stripped in. The blow-up above is from the official Bernama photo at its online photo gallery (below). You might be able to make out a Bernama watermark overprinted near Najib’s face. (The watermark only appears on the online version to deter piracy, and would not appear on the photo supplied to the press.)

» See official Bernama image online

2am UPDATE: That photo’s no longer in the Pekan album at Bernama’s gallery | Tip: Antares

For comparison:
The photo which was circulated on Facebook yesterday

The photo used by the NST on Page 2:

The Star chose a different Bernama photograph:

Just a week ago, the prime minister had spoken of his support for open, fearless journalism — but this photograph is probably not what he had in mind. There is still a lingering suspicion that such photos were the result of more than just an over-zealous aide or flunky too eager to please.


  1. cjsavvy permalink
    Tue 2012-Sep-18 @ +08 12:38:02 pm 12:38

    How desperate these fools are. Time is running short for Najib and Co. Too bad, the rakyat have already made up their minds. It will Pakatan for the next five years.

  2. lizziewong permalink
    Tue 2012-Sep-18 @ +08 12:44:24 pm 12:44

    Makes one wonder if some ‘creativity’ has been used in arriving at the PM’s popularity rating of 69%?

  3. Wed 2012-Sep-19 @ +08 00:19:58 am 00:19

    Too late! Berniamah has already deleted the online version of the photoshopped image in question. Which only substantiates the allegation that the crowd was digitally cloned – same as votes for the degenerate BN at every general election since the mid-1980s.

  4. Jeffrey permalink
    Wed 2012-Sep-19 @ +08 21:40:27 pm 21:40

    Supreme desperation leading to definite insanity !!!

    Ask any teenager and the answer you get is ‘tu mana ada klass ???

  5. Sanjay permalink
    Wed 2012-Sep-26 @ +08 17:18:37 pm 17:18

    I don’t think we should be making too much assumptions. Chances are, the stupid photographer did not bring a proper fisheye lense and had to use photoshop photomerged and clone to complete the panoramic photo and had only 5 minutes to do so due to the deadline. 😀 how’s that for explanation?

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2012-Sep-26 @ +08 18:23:56 pm 18:23

      sounds technically plausible (but I don’t use photoshop so have no idea if that’s true). but even think of doing it in the first place?

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