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Bernama admits photo doctored, looks for sabotage

Thu 2012-Sep-20 @ +08 19:58:12 pm

Bernama has traced Sunday’s doctored photograph to “the source from where it was sent” and is checking whether there was sabotage, according to a statement by the news agency’s chief editor, Yong Soo Heong.

The agency put the following on the wire a few minutes ago, shortly after 7.40pm:

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 20 (Bernama) — The Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) has conducted an initial investigation into allegations that one of its recent photographs was manipulated, said its Editor-in-Chief, Datuk Yong Soo Heong.

“Initial checks revealed that the flawed picture was discovered at the source from where it was sent,” he said today when commenting on a Bernama picture taken in Pekan last Saturday.

Further investigations were ongoing to determine the motive of the person concerned and whether there were elements of sabotage, Yong said.

“We are viewing this matter seriously and will not hesitate to take appropriate action against those responsible for the irregularities.

“Bernama always strives to maintain high standards of professionalism and takes a serious view of workplace integrity,” he stressed.

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  1. Thu 2012-Sep-20 @ +08 22:12:31 pm 22:12

    At least he owned up.

  2. Lok1 permalink
    Thu 2012-Sep-20 @ +08 22:14:32 pm 22:14

    “Bernama always strives to maintain high standards of professionalism and takes a serious view of workplace integrity,” he stressed. Yaaa Right,oouch!!

  3. nstman permalink
    Fri 2012-Sep-21 @ +08 05:22:19 am 05:22

    Now, what have Umno flunkies, stooges and apparatchiks in NST got to say.

  4. A Clown permalink
    Fri 2012-Sep-21 @ +08 07:18:25 am 07:18

    This is the final nail to the coffin for mass commm studies which has been made a laughing stock tertiary subject, thanks to our shameless editors in the mainstream media whose main objective is to botek the powers rather than writing the truth.

  5. Fri 2012-Sep-21 @ +08 08:10:31 am 08:10

    From this one can safely conclude that all the photos and documents that were given to support Najib’s and Umno’s popularity are all doctored. If Najib and Umno are so popular why are they not able to call for the GE soon ? Now we know the true reason for the delay but no matter the GE must be called before March 2013 unless as usual these scumbags will come up with some other excuses to delay the GE !

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Fri 2012-Sep-21 @ +08 13:23:13 pm 13:23

      April 2013 actually. Five years from the opening of Parliament, not five years from election day.

  6. Taikohtai permalink
    Fri 2012-Sep-21 @ +08 10:54:09 am 10:54

    What’s there to look? Its so obvious that its the work of the DEVIL.

  7. Fri 2012-Sep-21 @ +08 11:05:03 am 11:05

    Caught with their pants down!


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