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Star’s sex blogger radio show held up by Net nannies

Sun 2012-Oct-21 @ +08 01:28:49 am
Public health warning: severe affliction of double-entendritis ahead

Vivian and Alvin having a good time on air with the Star’s radio stations

The Star went to town with the sex blogger story on Saturday, after throwing bodies at the couple the previous day, the way everyone usually does at a good old-fashioned disaster.

A good time was had by all, until the net police showed up, causing a severe case of premature intromission.

Bang went the scheduled 2pm broadcasts on the Star’s three radio stations (and Internet television).

Sex and the single star

A bit limply, The Star asked everyone to visit RedFM’s Facebook page to listen to audio clip excerpts. Group editor Wong Chun Wai, who is also a director of Capital FM, plaintively stated online that the Communications Commission shouldn’t have gone down so hard on them.

Now we’ll just have to wait to see if anything comes up.

Given that sex always sells, that there’s nothing newer than the latest novelty, and that the Shock! Horror! twins never went out of business, just changed into something more comfortable*, it was no surprise that the Star rose to the occasion and went for the splash.

All three of their radio stations and the Internet online television outfit jumped on board the Alvin Tan-Vivian Lee sexwagon, with four girls from the News Desk, one lead story and one senior aunty editor joining the merry romp.

There was also the obligatory “tut, tut” soul-saving pandering to middle-class sensibilities, the instant long-distance diagnoses and psychobabble, which must have been quite a turn-on if you’re that way inclined. If not, there was also the other obligatory, the street poll, for instant canned karma.

Taking it straight, though, the looks on the front page, inside pages, and on Facebook said there had been a satisfactory consummation. That is, until the Net nannies put a kink in it.

» Family or Alvin?

Capital FM talks to sex bloggers — Xandra Ooi asks Vivian Lee: “If you have to choose between your family and Alvin, which would you choose?” »Click to listen

» Leverage on this, how?

Red FM talks to sex bloggers — Jeremy asks: “When you are talking about leveraging on this, what are you talking about?” » Click to listen

Aaah, all that banging away, only for a pullout.

The Star gave no details for why the recorded interviews, scheduled to go on air at 2pm, didn’t — and the lengthy justification by Wong Chun Wai fell far short of the lambasting that the Communications Commission deserved for a wanton act of censorship.

Someone needs to teach those wankers the facts of life.

(*The corporate Star has also been changing into something they think looks more respectable, calling themselves The Star Media Group and hanging on possessively to the definite article for all it’s worth. Ah well, whatever turns them on.)


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  1. rom nain permalink
    Sun 2012-Oct-21 @ +08 08:36:58 am 08:36

    I’m sure the 4 girls, the lead writer and the aunty were coerced into engaging in this orgy. Seriously.

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