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Mahathir Mohamad, the last Nazi standing?

Tue 2012-Oct-23 @ +08 15:33:45 pm

Sanusi puts the boot in:
Germany’s past anti-Jew policy inspired Dr M’s banking reforms, he says

from Malaysian Insider
Mahathir Mohamad was inspired by Germany’s past policy of limiting Jewish financial influence to help the Malays but it was later thwarted by Anwar Ibrahim, former Cabinet minister Sanusi Junid told a Malay economic forum today. He said Mahathir and former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin were hoping that Malays would control the economy but when they saw progress was slow, they decided to follow the German example of not granting banking licences to Jews.

» Anti-Jewish legislation by the Nazis
Der Reichstag, Putrajaya

“We thought that if we can’t control the economy, we would follow Germany. In Germany banking licences are not given to the Jews.”

Der Reichstag, Berlin

“But unfortunately a huge disaster happened (kecelakaan besar); when Anwar became finance minister he approved banking licences for Alliance Bank and Hong Leong bank. We didn’t want to give.” Sanusi said that as a result there are now “two non-Malay banks without Malay influence.” » More at the Malaysian Insider

‘Greed, corruption failed the Malays’

The Malay economic agenda failed to achieve its objectives due to corruption and greed, said Malay Chamber of Commerce president Syed Ali Alattas. Dozens of government agencies had been set up and billions of ringgit used but the Malay community was at the “lowest level of achievement… What’s gone wrong? … a lot of carelessness and not enough responsibility among leaders which caused Malays to fall behind. Corruption and greed caused the Malay agenda to fail.” » Malaysian Insider


  1. KTWong87 permalink
    Tue 2012-Oct-23 @ +08 16:28:45 pm 16:28

    And where are the once-hordes of “We LURVE you Tun” Mathatir groupies now?

    Eyes finally opened to see the racist person that he is, with a whole lot more dark unsavoury stuff still festering beneath the surface?

  2. Lok1 permalink
    Tue 2012-Oct-23 @ +08 23:49:49 pm 23:49

    Funny that Sanusi didn’t even mention special Malays were chosen,no mention of cronies,I remember making a joke on why did Daim create 10 Malays Billionaires instead of 1000 Malay millionaires? Well the answer is easy enough, imagine trying to ask 1000 cronies where your share is? It’s easier to group together 10 of them and ask,even then 2 ran away with most of Daim’s/??? shares but 1 finally came back.The other is still visiting the Queen.Calling Mahathir racist is being too kind.We needed a foreigner to call him names, and recalcitrant was the first,even then hordes were licking his arse.No one believed the foreigner,if we had,we wouldn’t be in such a mess now?? Would we???Oouch!!!

  3. KL Lee permalink
    Wed 2012-Oct-24 @ +08 10:14:19 am 10:14

    For all his uprightness there exist a strain of chauvinism …I think Mahathir has an agenda similar to that of Hitler….

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2012-Oct-24 @ +08 16:38:47 pm 16:38

      You are joking about him being upright, aren’t you?

  4. anomie permalink
    Thu 2012-Oct-25 @ +08 13:00:54 pm 13:00

    There is a factual mis-information in Sanusi’s Nazi rant;

    The alliance bank he refered to should be Tong Kui Ong’s PheloeAlliance Bank, which was absorbed into Maybank via Daim’s master scheme of amalgamation of banks in M’sia.

    Tong was closed to Anwar, then.

    MalaysianFrench bank, the predecessor of Alliance bank was Daim’s baby, whom he bought over from MultiPurpose Holding.

  5. Orion permalink
    Thu 2012-Oct-25 @ +08 15:35:21 pm 15:35

    Fascism checklist:

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