Pssst! ‘Suka’ Hina Sultan? Jom!

Hina Sultan is an emerging tv actor and host in Lahore.

In other news…

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I hope you’re not too disappointed by these photos. But if you look at the big picture, so to speak, it should be very apparent that I, like many others, don’t think highly about this so-called crime of “hina Sultan” — a thought crime that is nothing more than suppression of disagreeable opinion.

If the institution of the Malay Sultanates is to survive, it must remain relevant to the people. By continuing to condone repressive measures, by allowing the sultanates to be the political tools and props of a repressive and authoritarian regime, and in putting their own needs ahead of the people’s, the Malay royal families are tempting fate and the people’s patience. It can only end, one day, in disaster.

Lagi Akaun FB Hina Sultan
Monday, 22 October 2012 12:04
JOHOR BARU: Gabungan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) Johor dan Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Pulai membuat laporan polis terhadap satu akaun laman sosial Facebook (FB) yang didakwa menghina Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.
Saturday 3 November 2012
TERKINI!!! Penyokong Pakatan ditangkap pasal HINA Sultan Johor.. Malam tadi seorang penyokong Pakatan Laknatullah yang bernama Ahmad Abd Jalil telah ditahan oleh Pihak Polis kerana didakwa menghina Sultan Johor di laman Facebook. Menurut sumber, pihak polis telah pergi ke pejabat tertuduh dan merampas komputer serta telefon bimbitnya. Ahmad Abd Jalil juga dipercayai menghina baginda Sultan Johor dengan perkataan kesat dan Pihak Polis bertindak diatas beberapa laporan yang dibuat oleh orang awam berkenaan tindakan biadap tersebut.

Do the sultanates wish to survive by means of repression? Or by helping the mass of the people to overcome centuries of cultural conditioning and achieve the full fruits of freedom? The choice lies in the hands of the sultanates, their conduct and that of their families — as well as in the choice and votes of the people.

In the meantime, surely you’ll agree that Hina Sultan is a very agreeable prospect indeed.

All photos from Hina Sultan’s fan page on Facebook



4 thoughts on “Pssst! ‘Suka’ Hina Sultan? Jom!

  1. You got me there! Elated and disappointed at the same time.
    Elated to see such stunners, disappointed it had nothing to do with sceptered scroungers.

  2. I read with great foreboding for the sport of hockey when a scion of royal family wants to helm the hockey association of our country. If members of the royalty want to participate in the process of decision-making, they must be ready and open to criticism. We know where football is today…

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