US election – what it’s all about



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4 thoughts on “US election – what it’s all about

  1. I was just reflecting on Obama vs Romney the past day or so, and comparing it with the UMNO-led BN vs Pakatan Rakyat.

    Racial lines, religion, conservative older and rural folks… immigrant communities, economy, youth and urbanites…

    A lot of similarities here and there, only the roles of incumbent and challenger are reversed.

    • Umno’s philosophies have much in common with the Republicans’ love of big business and its conservatism, and its chauvinism similar to the Republicans’ hidden bias. They’ve also played on the sense of victimhood, adopting much of the Democrats’ civil rights agenda, eg busing to end segregation was turned into busing/hostelling in pursuit of segregation and racial superiority.

  2. There is no essential difference between Romney and Obama, between the Democrats and the Republicans. Beyond the superficial aspects, we are merely splitting hair. It’s like Dumb & Dumber. They are the two wings of the Party of Big Business, which is cosily in the pocket of Israel.

    Obama has been a letdown, no better, really, in substance to Dubya, except he was more eloquent. Who signed the act that allows for the assasination of US citizens without recourse to the courts? Obama, of course. Who is authorising the drone attacks in Pakistan? Who has not prosecuted any of the Wall St rogues in the aftermath of the 2008 financial shenanigan? And has the military budget not continued to balloon under Obama?

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