Bozos in blue: One jackass, 15 cops, one letter

Police switch to criminal charge of hurting religious feelings
Steve Oh stands by his Mkini letter

Bully boys of Umno-BN continue harrassment of Malaysiakini

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Extracts from the letter
The Malay mind thus becomes like a licensed mind because the government and its religious authorities decide what they can and cannot believe and do.

The politicians are not concerned about the welfare of the Malays or Islam but their political control over the Malays so that they can keep them as a fixed deposit. With political control, the corrupt politicians are then able to plunder the nation and prove they are the real enemies of Islam, and fortunately more Malays are seeing the truth.

States that practise religious or ideological control over citizens are like the communists that dictated what the people should believe. They failed miserably and their capitalism today can only succeed when the human spirit is free to soar.

Malaysians have seen that rapid Islamisation and religious zeal by the authorities have not produced a society that reflects the high moral values that Islam and all religions advocate.

Is it so difficult for those who claim they believe in the true religion to accept the hard truth? Is form more important than substance and face-saving more important than honouring the truth?

Anyone who is not free to think for himself or herself and has the freedom to adopt the religion of personal conscience and conviction is still a slave in reality … Can anyone afford to entrust his or her eternal future to any political party?

The victims of this ugly political bigotry are the Malays themselves who in my purview are among the nicest people anywhere. The same can’t be said of some of their lying and conniving political leaders and that is why Nurul Izzah is a leader of the times and the future despite her youth
Steve Oh

One letter from one reader to Malaysiakini brought 15 police to Bangsar Utama yesterday, to interview editorial staff — Gerald Martinez, the news editor; Fathi Aris Omar, chief editor; and the human resource manager.

A forensic unit from Cheras were part of the team, led by the chief investigating officer from Subang Jaya, to conduct an investigation under the Sedition Act into a letter published on Monday, Nurul’s watershed idea for the nation.

Steve Oh, a Malaysian who lives in Australia, has often written political commentary and analysis, which have been published by Malaysiakini and Centre for Policy Initiatives, among others.

The lengthy commentary published at Malaysiakini on Monday was partly about Nurul Izzah’s remarks last week about religious freedom and Muslims, placed in the context of the state of the Malay community after 50 years of Umno-BN hegemony, and partly his personal observations about the country.

His views are blunt and honest. There is nothing in the lengthy piece that another honest person would regard as seditious — meaning, it does not provoke people to riot, it does not ask people to take up arms and rebel, and it does not ask people to overthrow the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Also, given its length, not all that many people would have read it all the way through, or even at all.

The only ones who would be upset are religious and political bigots seeking to continue the vicious thought control put in place by Umno-BN, as the ruling party in power for 55 years.

And the police continue to be their bully boys. These pictures show only some of the bozos among the 100,000 who keep Malaysians — and the media — suppressed, by forcing you to think like them, while pretending to be your friend.

These are not friends — they are bullies in blue

But the jackass who ordered all this is never seen



3 thoughts on “Bozos in blue: One jackass, 15 cops, one letter

  1. Fifteen coppers to locate a letter writer who’s based in Australia? What next…an extradition order? Meanwhile, those serious crimes we `perceive’ go unsolved, perhaps uninvestigated even, given the amount of police personnel needed to storm Malaysiakini. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

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  3. Rom is right. The sight of Forensics police (why Forensics, I wonder?) twiddling their thumbs while Mkini staff are interviewed for some obscure purpose would be Pythonesque if it weren’t also an indication of what has gone wrong in our country. Time and again we are treated to displays of abuse of power which defy all reason and even common decency.

    Is it any wonder that so many of our young people would jump at the chance of building new lives in other countries? Heck, no need to go so far – Singapore has outstripped us in almost every field!

    Now, as to the jackass who ordered this spectacle, I think you really must be more specific, bearing in mind that there is more than one jackass in Putrajaya.

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