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Selangor assembly now ‘red light’ district

Fri 2012-Nov-9 @ +08 13:31:45 pm

Okay, okay, that’s meant to be a joke.

Flashing red lights at the Selangor state assembly chamber will go off when assembly members run out of “talk time”, says Selangor Times. The speaker, Teng Chang Khim, expects the new method to allow more questions to be dealt with at the next two-week sitting from Nov 19.

The “traffic lights” will turn green when it is time to speak, yellow at 30 seconds remaining; at red, the member’s microphone is switched off.

Teng Chang Khim tries “traffic lights” to control state assembly talk

Executive councillors, including the menteri besar, will have three minutes to answer a question and assembly members have two 30-second slots for supplementary questions, with a further three minutes for each answer.

Teng expects to have a question wrapped up in just 10 minutes. More than 200 questions are submitted by assembly members but only 25% dealt with. Now about 40% (or 90) of all questions can be answered. “Maybe we will have to increase the number of days for next year’s sitting,” he said.

Teng adapted the idea from what he saw on a working visit to the Australian federal parliament and the Western Australia and Victoria state parliaments in July.
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