Steve Oh stands by his Mkini letter

A team of police, including forensic squad members, visited Malaysiakini again today. They left after an hour and said they would be contacting Steve Oh directly.
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Extracts from Steve Oh’s open letter to Malaysiakini

Dear Malaysiakini,
I am sorry to learn about the police visit to your office yesterday, not just one or two but 15 of them. It lends credence to former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s idea of ‘a police state’.

I stand by what I have written and let others fall in their false accusations.

I am just a nobody expounding somebody’s ideas of freedom in a country bent on becoming the ‘world’s best democracy’ as promised by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak … so I can’t understand why Malaysiakini is put through the gauntlet again, this time over my letter. If a citizen has no freedom to express his or her peaceful ideas, then it is a dark place indeed.

Nothing should stop anyone from speaking out against the wrongs in society and good governance is about rectifying the wrongs and not exacerbating the wrongs with more wrongs.

…it is not about me but the welfare of others who have suffered the harsh injustices in the country. We climb mountains because they are there and we say things that need saying because we are conscionable human beings who care for others when we observe the injustices happen right before our eyes and the least we can do is speak out in their cause.

It is not my intention to upset anyone … but in a democracy when those in governance give us reason to criticise them as when they do wrong then it is our patriotic duty to speak out.

The betrayers of democracy are not only its repressors but those who abet them by their apathy or sympathy. I know more and more Malaysians want their country to be a better place and have good governance. That is why they speak out and Malaysiakini provides that avenue in a responsible way.
Steve Oh

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