Tweet for Radzi Razak, victim of police violence

Radzi Razak: assaulted while covering Bersih on April 28

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#EndImpunity in Malaysia. @HishammuddinH2O @PDRMsia Draw up a SOP to protect media like @lexradz at rallies #IDEI

VIP attention for Radzi in hospital, then silence

Radzi Razak, who is with the Sun, was one of 14 reporters and photographers who were assaulted or harassed while covering the Bersih mass rally on April 28. He has been chosen as one of 23 people featured in an international campaign to end impunity of those who carry out violence against those who speak up. The campaign has chosen Nov 23 as International Day to End Impunity — it is the anniversary of the day of the massacre of 58 people, 32 of them Philippine journalists, at Ampatuan in 2009.

No one has been charged for the violence against Radzi and the others. There has been no follow-up of his case. Radzi was visited by the prime minister (who whispered in an undertone, “I’m very sorry”) and by the home minister. Nothing has happened since.

Only two policemen have been taken to court, for assaulting Guang Ming photojournalist Wong Kin Onn.

April 28: Wong Kin Onn at the Bersih rally

Please tweet for Radzi, the Bersih media 14 and all other victims