Virgin Mary image ‘a call for peace’

Hospital plays it cool to handle the crowds

The apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Subang Jaya medical centre should be regarded as a call to peace, said Rev Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of the Catholic newspaper The Herald. “When there is an apparition, it is always a call to prayer and repentance, a call to look at our lives and make them better and more virtuous. It is a call to go away from sin, and to peace,” he said, according to Free Malaysia Today.

“People are going there to pray and it is the faith of the people being expressed. It is something they have not seen before. And you can see that it is not painted or pasted on. It is something that has come out on its own. It is a remarkable thing, an extraordinary phenomenon,” he said.

Fr Lawrence said that the Catholic Church in Malaysia would be issuing a press statement only after a serious investigation to ascertain whether the Marian apparition took place. “At the moment, we have to wait and see how this develops. I wouldn’t commit to anything on this, and I will not jump the gun. It is not subject to feelings, and there is a process of verification,” he said.

Posted on Facebook – what appears to be a camera view of the apparition

Hospital plays it cool

Sime Darby Medical Centre is treading carefully in handling the situation, because of Malaysia’s religious sensitivities. “Our official position is no comment, [because] when we deal with religion, it is very delicate,” a senior Sime Darby official told Free Malaysia Today.

The hospital’s administration was trying to manage the situation “as best as we can”. “We are operating a hospital and our main concern is our patients. We also expect people to behave like in any other hospitals,” he said.

Rela and traffic police have been called in to manage the crowd, which is expected to swell over the coming public holidays.

A citizen journalist said: “…they are truly managing the situation as best as they can, which includes erecting a tent for the people, distributing water, quietly managing the traffic, also providing a place for people to light candles … it is those people who have brushes with life and death on a daily basis who understand what faith does to people.”



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  1. The apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Subang Jaya medical centre should be regarded as a call to peace, said Rev Father Lawrence Andrew, I do agree very much with the Rev Father,but Peace must first come from within yourself,then to your families ,neighbours and friends.

  2. Thanks for putting this up. In this age of high speed broadband, social networking and hi definition photography, there is absolutely NO need to crowd around a hospital gawking at something that may or may not be what it vaguely appears to be, and in the process, slow traffic down to a crawl with indiscriminate parking, overcrowding and general disregard for the possibility that this congestion could very well impede the delivery of health care for others, particularly those requiring emergency services. How about a little common sense and consideration?

  3. None Believers – have your say. This is not the first time such apparition occurred. It occurred at different places and at different times throughout history.

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  6. what makes anyone believe that Mary the mother of Jesus would EVEN want to come back down here. That’s not hardly Mary. Why people always trying to put names on these things. We don’t know who or what that is. SMH

  7. chandran says I think the panels should not be removed.
    the supernatural power of Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus
    Christ appeared with a message .It is best to continue to have faith and pray and not attempt to remove fixed panels. The apparition is sacred to believers. Why meddle with super natural beings of the universe. How can anyone try to deal with this apparition in their own judgements. Why not be sincere and leave the apparition which is too sacred to be disturbed. Why live in Fear?

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