Virgin Mary sighting is front page news

Penang’s hometown newspaper the Kwong Wah Yit Poh gave front-page treatment to the phenomenon of an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary sighted on a window of Subang Jaya medical centre, and of the large crowd of Catholic faithful in worship, saying prayers, singing hymns and lighting candles.

AFP reported that several tourist buses added to the congestion, and some had come from as far as Singapore, to see the image on a seventh-floor window. The Star said traffic along the medical centre was heavy yesterday, with many parking their cars by the road side to see the image.

Lydia Gomez of Yahoo News reported that many braved the thunderstorm on Sunday evening and gathered at the first floor of the hospital’s new wing singing hymns, lighting candles and reciting prayers, clutching rosaries, Bibles and even bringing along aged relatives in wheelchairs.

“We believe Mary, mother of God, has a message for us, as she is looking down on us and then at a Malaysian flag. We can also see Jesus and he is also moving, they are not static,” said housewife Eunice Fernandez, 54, who lives nearby.

The Catholic church said it would need to investigate and verify the sightings.

Entrepreneur Jansen De Silva, was among the first few who turned up at the hospital when news of the apparition broke.

“I witnessed a fully formed image resembling Mother Mary on a window located at the 7th floor of this new wing. It was a truly amazing sight as the image was rather visible despite the distance from where I was standing (first floor).”

The Star quoted eyewitnesses, some of whom had been visiting the site for several days, as saying the image had “grown clearer” since Saturday. Some also they could also see an image of an adult Jesus Christ just two windows away from his mother.

“The image was brighter and clearer than yesterday. It is certainly different,” said student Kyle Lim, 21. Several said the colour and position of the image had also changed.

Sheree Rao, 21, a businessman, went up inside to get a close look at the window, said the image was only visible from the outside. “I touched the glass, thinking it could be paint or something else. But there was nothing,” he added. Access to the window from inside the building has been restricted by the hospital.

Kenneth Fong, 27, a teacher, said he was sure of an image on the window. “But whether it’s from God, I don’t know.” A secretary, Janet Tong, 45, described the apparition as amazing. “It is so wonderful that our Mother has come to us in a hospital, where many of the sick are crying out for her help,” she said.

Jansen De Silva, was among the first turned up at the hospital when news of the sighting spread. “I witnessed a fully formed image resembling Mother Mary.It was a truly amazing sight as the image was rather visible despite the distance from where I was standing (first floor).”

Desiree Lewis, 32, had also rushed to the hospital when she got a phone call from her relative informing her of the sighting. “I was in the neighbourhood when I heard about this so I rushed here. I am truly awestruck and in a little bit of a shock. I never thought that Mother Mary would appear here.”

Newlyweds Gabrielle Ann and Kevin Joseph, both 29, also drew attention when they stopped on their way to their wedding party, to view the image, still dressed in wedding attire. Their reception was at the nearby Holiday Villa Hotel.

“I told Kevin that she is here and that we must go and see her,” said Gabrielle, a former nurse at the hospital. Kevin said there was also a clear view from the hotel, which faced the window on which the image appeared.

Hundreds of devotees turn up to see the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. [Reuters photo]

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» Yahoo News
» Newlyweds draw attention at site
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30 thoughts on “Virgin Mary sighting is front page news

  1. People can beliee almost anything, no mater how silly. Many decades ago, when I was working for a newspaper in Singapore, schoolchildren excitedly reported seeing green-skinned aliens. The media even reported it, tongue-in-cheek to be sure.

  2. Let’s get real!!!

    It’s just a co-incident. Sometimes even clouds above us do form such similarities. It’s unnecessary to make a BIG FUSS over such gossip news. For goodness sake, we are now living in 2012 & not stone age era. We ought to input logic sense & constructive theories to the so-called spotted ‘image’ or otherwise we will be called stone age cave people claiming excitement whenever they see dragonfly flying up in the sky thinking it’s some kind of phenomena coming to greet them.

    • Believe it or not there are things cannot be explained, example life after death. No matter how real we want to be or we can be, we will never attain reality in this world, for life is only temporal and that’s what makes us illusion for thinking that we are real on earth, adding to that to be wise is to acknowledge that we are temporal being…we like it or not there are time for everything…

  3. Dahi.Ketiak, excuse me…don’t know anything…please respect us. not happy with us, just do whatever you like at Subang Jaya….

    charles chan, we read bible…bible feed into out mind. nothing wrong about it as long we are not allow simply made a judgement…waiting from Vatican. Why not fly to Fatima, Portugal. Remember, i not convert you. Go there and see for yourself…

    Get Real & Wise Up, depend on us to accept it or not. But before you make judgement on this, first you need to read about Catholic and Mother Mary. From there, you will understand about it…

    And last, please stop HATER!!!

    • defended : i was a catholic before and i think i can safely say i dont and have not believed in such things …read the bible properly and not read what you like …read 1 John 4:1 where it states we need to test the spirit .dont seek for signs and wonders …but seek the Lord . the bible clearly says , noone come onto the father except through HIM. He did not say noone come onto the father except through another being !if you read your bible you would not what it says and clearly understand the word of God !

    • Brenda, what you write is correct…but you miss the part…”if you know me, you know my father” Who is “you”? me? you? priest? pope? i don’t know. I believe MAMA know Jesus very well. MAMA lead us to Jesus…she encourage us to pray ROSARY, FAST, REPENT and read bible.

  4. According to a SMDC staff, it’s just a window stain that’s been there for a long time. Just need to clean it quickly so everybody can get on with life. It’s just a hassle to everyone who lives there.

  5. My gosh!!! I see bible verses now coming out!!!

    Come on!!! You fellas are taking it too seriously. Even SMDC staff said it’s window stain & unless you fellas are ready to accept stain as whoever/whatever you claimed, then, I think you fellas are giving religion a bad name. I won’t mind reading about Catholic & Mother Mary but I would be dumb to take Mother Mary as a window stain on a hospital window. What a joke *sigh*

    • Please don’t make fun of people’s beliefs. All religions require faith – if you don’t believe in it, why must you run down others who do? Faith transcends logic and rationality. A Christian does not believe, as some Chinese people do, that the gods will eat offerings of food from a roadside table – a Buddhist does not believe in the God worshipped by Muslims, Jews and Christians – Hindus believe that cows are sacred, but not Muslims or Christians. There are people who pray at graveyards for Ekor. They wish to believe, that’s their business. No one is asking you to believe.

    • Get Real & Wise Up, look…we don’t know whether it is stain or not. somebody go up and check and found there is no paint!! the person become unquestionable. I have a photo from staircase. It is really unquestionable. Try google, Fatima, Portugal..and employ lawyer to shut it down….or else fool 15 million going over there….

  6. Those who believe that Mother Mary has appeared at the SDMC have the right to sing hymns and pray, if they wish to, Those who believe that the image is merely a mark on the window should refrain from commenting out of respect for other people’s beliefs.

    • Only sensitive individuals would think I’m making fun of people’s belief. Well, I don’t blame these individuals given the sensitivity they carry in their life. With such individuals around, that’s why we hear, watch & read so much about unproven illogical things such as the UFO, Yeti/Bigfoot, Frankenstein, Dracula & so on, which are yet to be proven true. Perhaps with the existence of such naive individuals, it makes this world hilarious with so much fiction & make believe.

      Back to basic…”Get Real & Wise Up”

    • Get Real & Wise Up, please google Fatima, Portugal. Employ lawyer to shut it down otherwise fool 15 million going there…maybe you save a lot of RAKYAT…

  7. Looks more like the SMDC cleaner had used to much window cleaning detergent on that particular window which caused the so-called image to form. Alamak! macam ini pun nak buat heboh ka?

  8. Sadly, I think the intelligence level of Malaysians are moving backwards. This sort of things also they would believe ar? Macam mana nak maju? Are we in Africa or what? Malaysia need help…S.O.S.!!!

    • How Critical Thinking is your mind my friend! If you are unable to sense that this phenomenon is in need of deep critical thinking which you yourself unable to explain. Pls do not over prejudice to Africa, for there are a lot of brains African too.

    • Critical Thinking, what maju? what you talking about? MAMA say PRAY, FAST, REPENT and read BIBLE. What related to maju? please be more detail….

  9. Judging from the way things are going, naive Malaysians will soon claim Menara TM is a shark’s fin, while, Petronas Twin Tower is a pair of chopstick. How ironic…how amazing….how puzzling.

    Malaysia BOLEH!!!

    • We are naive….please google Fatima, Portugal…remember employ lawyer to shut it down…and you can save 15 million going there…maybe fool the rakyat?

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