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Sex blogger Alvin Tan loses S’pore scholarship

Tue 2012-Nov-13 @ +08 11:25:23 am

Alvin and Vivian: explicit

Alvin Tan has lost his scholarship to the National University of Singapore and must now pay the full unsubsidised fees as a foreign student to complete his final year of his law degree course, Malaysian Insider reports quoting the Straits Times.

He was not expelled, however. He had recently faced a disciplinary panel for damaging the reputation of the university by publishing explicit photographs and videos of himself and his girlfriend Vivian Lee engaged in sex.

Alvin, from Kuala Lumpur, is on an Asean scholarship from the Singapore government. The scholarship, awarded to the brightest secondary school pupils, sees them through 0-levels, Junior College and university. Yesterday, Singapore Education Minister Heng Swee Keat had described Tan’s behaviour as “reprehensible and unbecoming of a scholar”.

In Malaysia, police have threatened criminal action under obscenity laws, but the Communications Commission, which regulates the Internet, has chosen not to take up the issue on compassionate grounds.
» Full report at Malaysian Insider

  1. Hamilton Bacon permalink
    Tue 2012-Nov-13 @ +08 11:38:13 am 11:38

    When Alvin becomes rich and famous one day, NUS will award him an honorary doctorate, and the Education Minister will have to eat humble pie.

    • alfero permalink
      Wed 2012-Nov-14 @ +08 13:04:07 pm 13:04

      well said Hamilton

  2. Samuel Selvaraju permalink
    Tue 2012-Nov-13 @ +08 12:53:35 pm 12:53

    WOW. A bright student now a ?

  3. ah loi permalink
    Tue 2012-Nov-13 @ +08 15:33:56 pm 15:33

    NUS can have a degree course for sex

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