Virgin Mary image – videos

A number of videos and photographs have been posted online and have been circulated via Facebook and email. Here are two short videos, posted by YouTube users “Mitzrah” and “Perimeter One Studio”.


“Mitzrah” posted this 30-second clip above, taken at 9am on Tuesday and showing the building and image.


“Perimeter One Studio” posted the video above (1min 26sec), taken at 11am on Monday, showing some of the crowd viewing the image and praying.


Hi-def video with time lapse stills
Donald GH Tan posted a 3min high-definition video on Sunday, which has drawn 20,000 views. It includes a 12 second sequence of time lapse shots of the image taken over the span of an hour.

Prayers by crowd at hospital

A 14-minute-long video posted by “Zomidaily” captures the religious intensity of the occasion and the faith of those who came to view the image as they recited the Hail Mary, Our Father and other prayers.

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  1. I understand the hospital management will be handing over the glass pane to a church in subang jaya. Hope it happens soon as the road congestion is unbearable to SS12 residents.

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