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Seeing things – moon struck

Thu 2012-Nov-15 @ +08 16:37:11 pm

Is there something here?

Since we’re been immersed in seeing things lately, a Twitter message by US media blogger Andrew Beaujon caught the eye on Wednesday: He said: Trying to not read much into photo of eclipse on Washington Post front and attached a photo of the front page.

What could he have possibly seen in the photo, to prompt that remark? If you can make out something startling, interesting or intriguing, feel free to say what you saw.

One doesn’t need to be a scientist to figure out that after someone has provided a hint, the mind has no problem in finding order in a jumble of random information or patterns, and instantly seeing the said image popping out. Just like the first time someone told you about the “man in the Moon” — or a “rabbit”, as Chinese people say.

But of course, as everyone knows, it’s really made of Wensleydale.

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Look at this » large Nasa image for comparison.

The fine-grain sharpness of the lunar surface may put off some who’d like to be able to continue seeing a man’s face instead of a wrinkled orange. A finely-detailed canvas doesn’t provide as easy a surface on which to project one’s imagination, fears, hopes, ambitions or dreams: a cloudy, softer-focused or grainier jumble would allow the mind to perceive what it wishes.

After all, the human mind is a wondrous object, capable of the Wasteland, “Magnificent desolation”, the Higgs boson, and Homer Simpson.

Ambiguity is everything.



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