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And the war begins…via Twitter

Sat 2012-Nov-17 @ +08 02:07:23 am

The attack on Gaza was officially announced on Twitter by the Israeli military, which has a special Twitter account and blog, part of a US1.6mil psywar effort in social media. Gaza has to rely on volunteers. Palestinian supporters and those from inside Gaza are tweeting under the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack and #Gaza (which also includes others). Israeli supporters are also using #IsraelUnderAttack (which gets much less traffic).

The war of words

Some Twitter messages:

Hashtags to follow #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza #Hamas


  1. Sat 2012-Nov-17 @ +08 14:17:14 pm 14:17

    I am sorry to say the world will no doubt be a more peaceful place if Israel drops the Atomic bomb on Iran, as a supporter of Hamas, thus terminating all the supply of arsenal presently Hamas is getting them from to create the shambles the situation Gaza and Israel are in.

    • Joseph permalink
      Sun 2012-Nov-18 @ +08 00:18:21 am 00:18

      When a place is overly populated, it always a good choice to reduce, so that life will be more easier, resources will be share less too. e.g. having half ice creem, will have one instead. isn’t that sound better…

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