What to do about ‘idiots’ in politics?

“Idiots” were not allowed to vote in New Jersey until recently, according to the Economist. Now the terms “lunatic”, “insane”, “unsound mind”, and “incompetent” are also being removed from state laws.

They seem to have got it upside down — what the world needs is to remove the idiots, lunatics, incompetent, insane, feebleminded and those with unsound minds from holding office or from voting on police and laws.

Batang Kali Rep Fined Over Sexist Remark

The Economist report is in its language column Johnson: the changes are about removing insulting language from laws and replacing it with clearer terms that are non-judgemental.

If you want to know about law and insulting language, read Johnson in the Economist.

If you want to know about politics and insulting language read about these incidents (above and below) and others like it.

Sexist remarks due to provocation, says Bung Mokhtar

But if you want to know about idiots, lunatics, the mentally unsound, the feebleminded and the incompetent in politics, just pick up any newspaper, go online or turn on a news bulletin. The reports are all about them — those are the real insult to those with medical and physical conditions.