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Paid to blog: Josh Trevino’s MR26,300 a month

Sat 2013-Mar-2 @ +08 11:12:47 am

Josh Trevino who has admitted being a paid propagandist for the Malaysian government and Umno, was a darling of Umno bloggers such as Rockybru and Barking Magpie, none of whom revealed the Malaysian connection when republishing his anti-Anwar Ibrahim articles with great acclaim.

Do they also, like Trevino, get paid to blog? Many people have raised this question.

In a filing with the US government in January, Trevino has admitted receiving RM1.2mil for writing articles and leading a propaganda campaign against Anwar Ibrahim. He reported receiving a total of US$161,100 (almost MR500,000) for 19 months’ blogging at the little-known websites and — that works out to an average of US$8,500 a month (MR26,300).

He also received US228,000 for eight months of blogging — and placing articles in mainstream US publications such as the online newspaper Huffington Post and the rightwing Washington Times and others.

Josh Trevino, the darling of Umno bloggers, was paid an average of US$8,500 a month

Josh Trevino, the darling of Umno bloggers, was paid an average of US$8,500 a month

The two blogs that he supposedly wrote for, and, have since disappeared.

In May 2008, he also was paid for a trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend the third International Conference on the Muslim World and the West.

  1. mmc permalink
    Sat 2013-Mar-2 @ +08 23:27:20 pm 23:27

    ask rocky how to funds his love for whisky. no more el-cheapo beers, no more with his new found source of income.

  2. Shadaan permalink
    Sun 2013-Mar-3 @ +08 00:46:44 am 00:46

    BN and UMNO pay people to raise their status by hiring a racist anti-Islamic right wing extremist writer Josh Trevino. What messages are they giving the Malaysian people? Have they gone so low that they are lost without this right wing extremist controversial writer? Anwar Ibrahim is very well liked in the west and with some articles from this controversial writer will not change the facts. Joshua Trevino who was hired by the guardian wrote a piece for the Guardian on February 28, 2011 titled “Peter King has hearings, but is he listening?” The Guardian recently learned that shortly before writing this article the author was a consultant for an agency that had Malaysian business interests and that he ran a website called Malaysia Matters. In keeping with the Guardian’s editorial code this should have been disclosed. That is why he was dropped by the Guardian. They learned that they had hired someone who not only welcomed the murder of peaceful activists of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla but who supported concentration camps for Iraq, hated gays and was a bigot all round. This was the Guardian’s idea of gaining a ticket to the US market. The decision was the right one, made for all the wrong reasons. The guardian was wise to drop the racist and anti-Islam free-lance writer Josh Trevino. It is high time the Malaysian people know who this writer really is and is morally wrong for BN to have him on their payroll.

  3. vasantha permalink
    Sun 2013-Mar-3 @ +08 12:22:18 pm 12:22

    very pathetic indeed. I would bury my head somewhere!

  4. Wed 2013-Mar-6 @ +08 11:56:59 am 11:56

    A select breed of M’sian bloggers seemed to have the uncanny, almost ESP, ability to pick up anti-Anwar and anti-Oposition spin published in main and obscure USA, UK and Australian newspapers, before anyone else did!

    The Opposition MP’s must now raise in Parliament the question of whether some RM150 million of Malaysian taxpayers’ money illegally paid to APCO, FBC and the likes of Josh Trevino trickled into the pockets of those labelled BUMNO cybertroopers.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

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