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Politicians – masters of propaganda

Mon 2013-Mar-11 @ +08 09:05:52 am

Politicians - twisting facts

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Tue 2013-Mar-12 @ +08 02:23:54 am 02:23

    Politicians and religious leaders who are de facto politicians have the same goal using a different ideology; to my opinion are the masters of deception. This group started with kings and rulers and later when ideology took over then these rulers became politicians. The indicator of their deception is the condition of the world previously and currently. We as countries in this world have and are always in some sort of rot or turmoil. We have drawn borders and divided the Earth into countries and religious regions. We have massed weapons of mass destruction on our borders and talk peace but are preparing for war. Part of the world is very wealthy and the other part is poor or starving. Time immemorial there has always been a large part of the people starving in this world of ours in spite of food excesses. Human life is pathetic and we do not know why we are here or what our purpose on this earth is. The politicians are responsible for all the mass murders committed; I will name a few Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Indira Gandhi, King Ram, Pot Poll, Mao See Tung, Many US presidents, the politicians of the British Empire, the mass murderers at Rwanda, Congo, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Israel’s murders in Palestine etc. I have a very skeptical attitude toward much of what I see or hear especially if it comes from a religious or political source. Religiously motivated politicians are the worst of the lot; they are like politicians who are irrational as well. The politicians drive to keep women and minorities down and skew everything to the benefit of the privileged rich and powerful. They’re masters of double talk, always looking for some high sounding euphemistic way to hide their real totalitarian agenda. Like the recently put forward attempt to prevent abortion choice by outlawing such pregnancy termination in cases of rape or incest as “tampering with evidence.” What a transparent load of bullshit! They would riot to keep a list of the religious kind of good behaviour posted while they flaunt the one against lying and cheating. All I can say is do not trust these people, and look at the world with all your feeling and you will see clearly.

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