Anwar promises to free all media [Video]


6 thoughts on “Anwar promises to free all media [Video]

  1. Promises are meant to be broken. Well, that’s true at least for ANWAR IBRAHIM. Hop on a trip backwards & we are bound to see so many BROKEN PROMISES he had broken since 2008. The ‘916 Crossover fairy tale’, Local Elections not implemented, U-turn on Lynas saga & so on. So, what’s the BIG DEAL of another promise from him??? Promise is just an ordinary vocab for this wanker.

    Yes, he speaks well, he speaks creatively & he speaks using humorous elements but all these are only good for a show. Nothing more becos how well a person speaks, as long as one can’t execute what one had said, then, it’s only as good a bed time stories where horses can fly & cows can talk.

    I love to watch ANWAR IBRAHIM speak but for mere entertainment only. After all, with all those repeat programs shown over Astro time & time again of which can be dreadful boring; having some other form of entertainment by this wanker can be sometimes good.

    Based on the efforts & activities executed by both BN & PR lately, it’s kind of obvious BN had done much more, while, speaking much more less then PR. No doubt there are quarters of whom hate BN but true facts of who is doing more/less are inevitable & undeniable.

    Love & hate aside but a govt which had been seen doing much more & talking much less in a wiser choice for me.

  2. A giant of a speaker, roared like a lion and humorously persuasive. An accomplished speaker and I am liken him to one who can hold on to his audience like bees attracted to honey….

  3. All politicians are somewhat deceptive; however some are clear minded and a little better than others. Anwar promises to free the media and it is a gift to the people of Malaysia, BN is against this move. They had over 50 years and what have they done to address this issue about media freedom? Over the years of BH rule, Malaysia has been steadily drifting away on the World Press Freedom Index which means they are trying to curb press freedom. What are they doing that is not something new and who knows what they are hiding from the Malaysian public? There has always been an attempt to silent the media which constantly highlights the wrong doings of individuals and the BN government. Lately South East Asia has been branded to be the most dangerous place to work as a journalist and why should Malaysia be an exception. The people of Malaysia should welcome this change being offered to them for the first time since independence.

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