Free media – what did Anwar really say?

Itu saya kata..bila kita take over the government – Insyallah, God willing – orang kata What do we do? On the whole, send them to jail…
TAK BOLEH! Kita bukan Umno! Kita bukan BN!

Kita guarantee constitutional guarantees…kita janji rule of law… Tak boleh retributive justice, bukan boleh kita dendam, tak boleh… Itu beza kita…

Ada orang kata Ban TV3!


Kita FREE media…YES!

Kita bagi FULL FREEDOM – siapa nak bawa television, radio, surat khabar… FIRST DAY of the new Pakatan Rakyat government… (cheers, applause).

Dan kita ada confidence…kita boleh compete dengan these racist media organs…

Kerana. Orang. Nak. Media. Yang. Bebas. Dan bukan: media yang memperlembukan rakyat (cheers, applause).


2 thoughts on “Free media – what did Anwar really say?

  1. Anwar is not considering arbitrary power but to apply the rule of law. Fundamentally, constitutional limits on power, a key feature of democracy, requires adherence to the rule of law. Under such a system, law should be supreme to the capricious authority of any individual. The rule of law is the supreme check on political power used against people’s rights. Without the regulation of state power by a system of laws, procedures, and courts, democracy could not survive. The language being used here is a clear indicator that the opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim is heading to recover the constitution, judiciary and the principles of law and order that BN destroyed over the years since independence for their own individual benefits and corruption became their way of life. The language being used by Anwar is of great civility as an opposition leader and the people of Malaysia should take note.

  2. what a load of bull. When Anwar was part of the government he so hates now, he CONTROLLED the media. He had the editors in his hands. He had no problem with that. He relished in that.
    He hates the Umno-owned media?? He is no longer part of that because he attempted to topple Dr Mahathir…

    This man is taking you all for a ride.

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