If Najib’s govt is illegitimate, so is every Pakatan govt

Lim Kit Siang’s political bullshit for the past week goes like this: the last general election was March 8. Elections are held every five years. So Najib’s government is illegitimate.

That’s bullshit.

Elections are elections. Governments are formed after elections when Parliament is formed.

Kit Siang’s bullshit

Kit Siang's bullshit about illegitimate govt

Rafizi’s bullshit

Rafizi's bullshit

If you follow Kit Siang’s logic, then every Pakatan Rakyat state government is illegitimate. Including the state government run by his son Lim Guan Eng.

If you apply the logic of 8 March 2008 to 8 March 2013, then Lim Guan Eng’s DAP-run Penang government is just as illegitimate as the Barisan Nasional-run federal government.

And that’s bullshit because governments are not constituted from election dates. Lim Kit Siang is a lawyer, he knows that. Lim Kit Siang is also a politician. He knows how to twist the facts inside out to turn it into propaganda.

Politician’s talk equals propaganda equals bullshit.

Bullshit smells the same from any side



2 thoughts on “If Najib’s govt is illegitimate, so is every Pakatan govt

  1. Elections in Malaysia are held and members of parliament are elected for a five year term after which it is automatically dissolved, unless extended by a proclamation of emergency. In such cases, the term may be extended by one-year increments. It is the ruling party BN and not the opposition that calls for the election and if the BN does not comply then they make themselves an illegitimate government. Remember this is not about logic but the law is above logic and the parliamentarians as it stands. The prime minister can still ask for a fresh election at any time before five years, although, as already stated, there may be circumstances in which he or she would not get it. With extremely rare exceptions, no Parliament or legislature may last more than five years.

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