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Bully boys – MCMC and Khalid vs the citizen

Sat 2013-Mar-16 @ +08 11:45:27 am
MCMC reaches for the guillotine without asking for a correction

MCMC reaches for the guillotine without asking for a correction

The Multimedia Commission’s investigation into the Malaysian Insider amounts to nothing less than bullying tactics by the government — no different from the bullying by deputy IGP Khalid Abu Bakar threatening police action against Facebook users.

If the Malaysian Insider was wrong and had bungled its report, the MCMC had a simple first resort: complain to the editor, point out the errors, and demand remedial action

Instead, it went immediately into bully boy mode and started a criminal investigation. For what?

False reporting by the Insider? Bollocks. The MCMC is talking through its stupid arse, just like the deputy IGP is talking through his fat arse threatening Facebook users just to save face.

The press makes mistakes all the time, sometimes from carelessness, sometimes from a lapse of judgement, sometimes from sheer incompetence and bungling, most often from rushing to get the story out. Almost no one goes out deliberately to mislead — except when politicians and policemen use their “authority” or “friendship” or blackmail to get journalists to lie to the public.

Most Malaysian Insider staff are experienced journalists who have gone through the mill. They know their reputations rest on the credibility of the stories they run. They would be extremely stupid to risk that just to make the Malaysian government look stupid.

There is no need for journalists to try to make the government look stupid. You do very well on your own every day.

Just days before MCMC stupidity, Khalid Abu Bakar behaved like a bully, yet again. Is that standard operating procedure in Bukit Aman? Saving face comes before saving the citizen or serving justice?

aminulrasyid-smKhalid is the policeman who said schoolboy Aminulrasyid Amza was a gangster and had a parang in his car, after 14-year-old Aminul was shot dead by police when he took his sister’s car for a joy ride late at night in Shah Alam.

Police fired a total of 21 shots. Aminulrasyid is dead. No “parang” was ever produced. (Almost every time policemen kill someone, news reports have related that police said “a parang” was found in the car.) There was no evidence that schoolboy Aminul was a gangster. One policeman was charged in court. He was acquitted.

No one in the police force has taken responsibility for a child’s death by a police bullet.

Khalid Abu Bakar, who tried to cover up for his policeman, was promoted to deputy IGP. And from his higher position he is again threatening ordinary citizens to make the police force look good.

Stupidity is not a crime. But police stupidity and police bullying should be made a crime.

Citizens who get angry and say stupid things on Facebook are no different from citizens who borak at coffee shops and say stupid things about stupid bloody policemen and stupid bloody politicians.

Insider reports on NYT's reportThe MCMC is behaving like a bully, like Khalid, by reaching for the guillotine. If the Insider bungled and made a hash of it by rehashing the New York Times, tell the Insider they were wrong, give the facts and ask the Insider to correct their report.

Then, if the Insider refuses to do anything, few would fault the MCMC for carrying out an investigation.

But the open question is: does Malaysia spy on its citizens?

The MCMC, if it wishes to serve the citizen, should ALSO give the Insider the full facts about whether the Malaysian government (including the police, the military, and the Barisan Nasional) does indeed spy on citizens through the Internet.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most people said Yes they do.

From personal experience, I would definitely say Malaysia spies on its own citizens repeatedly, all the time, and with impunity.

If the MCMC wants to be believed, they and the police and the military can start by not being stupid, and by asking government politicians to stop being stupid.

Stupid talk by citizens is not a crime.

Stupidity by politicians, police, military and government agencies is criminal.


  1. Sat 2013-Mar-16 @ +08 14:24:54 pm 14:24

    This is no something new, especially it came from the quarter cooked police deputy IGP !
    It also shows further what the police really are, lackeys of Umno ! Also who is to stop the stupid politicians, police military and government agencies from being criminals ?

  2. Mr Bojangles permalink
    Sat 2013-Mar-16 @ +08 18:07:14 pm 18:07

    I don’t know about the stupidity part but i am convinced that they operate in a Medieval time frame. At the slightest hint of ‘mischief’ go with the sotas and beat up people. Such a Neanderthal appproach is typical of folks with a low grasp of principles and having on a uniform unfortunately reinforces their sense of superiority.

    Very little dialogue or of wanting to put things right in a civilized way,and they bully because they have gotten away with it once too often. Besides thinking out an intelling answer is just too much work. Just consider everyone a troublemaker and bash them up. Unless of course if they happen to be BN members

  3. aqila1987 permalink
    Sat 2013-Mar-16 @ +08 22:43:18 pm 22:43

    nak compare org yg sembang kat kedai kopi ngan ape yg ditulis kat internet…bile tulis kat internet..its public…sume org leh bace…klo sembang kdi kopi hbs citu jerk….its true…mmg blh diperbetulkan…tp once cite da kua, org da bace….people can make many speculations…

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2013-Mar-16 @ +08 23:19:14 pm 23:19

      Facebook bukan public kerana ramai yang guna setting terhad untuk keluarga sahaja atau kawan2 mereka. buat public pun, siapa akan baca? Facebook bukan same taraf dengan surak khabar atau tv. Yang Khalid buru tu pengguna Facebook terutamanya, bukan blog.

  4. Shadaan permalink
    Sun 2013-Mar-17 @ +08 12:39:06 pm 12:39

    It is always a big problem when organizations, governments or groups when they become secretive and act like them are not answerable to anyone but themselves. Are they different from communist china or uncle sam? The Malaysian government seem to be controlled by a secret group; and has become a government with secrets, that is why the Malaysian public have become curious and apprehended. A chapter from the freemason secret book says “You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons, except murder and treason, and these only at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate [falsify], don’t tell the whole truth in his case, keep his secrets, forget the most important points. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations, and remember if you live up to your obligation strictly, you’ll be free from sin which means be dead.” What is the difference from the way the leaders are acting?

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