Vote for Dr Kumar

Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj
(A personal choice, not a political party broadcast.)


5 thoughts on “Vote for Dr Kumar

  1. Yes Dr Kumar is a good and brave human rights activist who serves the people especially the down-trodden with compassion. He is also passionate about people problems and who declares his assets. This man of integrity must be reelected in GE13.

  2. In this nation candidates aspire to join politics solely to accumulate wealth. One describes a politician. A Liar extraordinaire, a scoundrel without a shred of personal integrity, unwilling to follow the laws they themselves create. Which one best describes a Politician? I have read about this decent and honest social activist Mr. Kumar who has a history of feeling for the poor and the vulnerable pursuing a selfless goal. How is he going to peruse his honest goals as a politician? Is it possible for a politician to be honest at all? Remember he belongs to a party which is an ideology that thinks for you and you will be working with a whole group of crooks. To my opinion he should forget politics and continue to persue his goals as a social activist.

    • To be a good and great politician one must be inherited with wealth otherwise their ambition is to amass as much wealth by whatever means during their tenure as elected representatives. Amassing wealth is the modus operandi of the greedy politicians at the expense of the people as can be seen widely practiced in Malaysia

  3. Unlike your cynism about politicians being crooks and all, I am willing to give Dr Kumar the benefit of the doubt.

    I have heard him speak at a ceramah. He is realistic about politicians. He said the reason the extent of the rot and complacency prevalent in the ruling Federal regime has still, relatively speaking, not seeped into the Federal opposition is because the Federal opposition has yet to taste Federal power. But once the Federal opposition tastes Federal power, the same rot may set in unless the massses play their part by adopting a vigilant and critical stance so that the new Federal power will not get big-headed and complacent.

    As to the suggestion that Dr Kumar should be a social activist instead of being a politician, I’ll say this: A political party is merely a vehicle to carry out a political programme to achieve a political result. Whether that political result brings good or bad depends on the views of the masses, and this can be a subjective one, depending on one’s class interests. On the other hand, a social activist raises awareness about a social issue amongst the masses with the objective redressing any injustices thereto. Thus, a politician and a social activist play different roles and never the twain should they meet.

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