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Free copies of NST for the election

Fri 2013-Apr-5 @ +08 12:11:01 pm
Free copies of New Straits Times at MidValley

Free copies of New Straits Times at Mid Valley

Free paper! Get your free New Straits Times here! No wonder there were college kids reading the paper yesterday at the Mid Valley bus stop, railway halt and shopping centre. NST Circulation are putting out 15,000 free copies a day in the Klang Valley, at Mid Valley and other major shopping centres. I’m told these copies are being sponsored, but it wasn’t clear whether by Media Prima itself or by some Barisan Nasional-friendly organisation. The push will be a useful boost to the NST’s circulation figure: the paper now sells only about 60,000 copies at full price — and an additional 35,000 copies in bulk sales at between 20% to 50% off the cover price. For circulation’s sake, here’s hoping it will be a long election campaign.


  1. jungleboy permalink
    Fri 2013-Apr-5 @ +08 14:35:19 pm 14:35

    I would definitely like to get as many copies as possible to add to my collection for the “paper lama” man who goes around my neighborhood.

  2. tebing tinggi permalink
    Fri 2013-Apr-5 @ +08 14:51:39 pm 14:51

    It’s good to have the rakyat well informed from the right sources ,not misguided information .

  3. Joe Black permalink
    Fri 2013-Apr-5 @ +08 19:22:13 pm 19:22

    Business wise, the longer the EC drags the voting day the more free paper will be disposed of, the more losses these mainstream media companies will have to bear.

    For some of us, bagi free pun tak mahu. But if they insist that we help them go bankrupt why not.

  4. riki permalink
    Sat 2013-Apr-6 @ +08 14:21:56 pm 14:21

    NST has no real news. it could save a lot of money by outsourcing all its report to the Pyongyang Times. Just put in Najib’s name for that the Mr Kim and no one will know thew difference, What a sad outcome for a newspaper that was always the newspaper of record in Malaya.

  5. Shadaan permalink
    Sun 2013-Apr-7 @ +08 00:38:55 am 00:38

    Maybe they are loosing readership and giving away free news papers might help them win new readership. The oldest newspaper in the country and due to government control has lost its base as a readable newspaper. Everything they report is what they are told to report and what is new for the reader?

  6. nstman permalink
    Sun 2013-Apr-7 @ +08 13:06:33 pm 13:06

    NST circulation is falling precipitously by the day. Average daily circulation is now unofficially at 80,000 (including the 35,000 bulk sales) as of a month ago. And it is still falling. Looks like readers are deserting the paper. The situation has reached stampeding levels, with the circulation bosses admitting it can only get worse. In the meantime, NST continues its old ways, carrying stories which assaults our senses.

  7. chong cheng hai permalink
    Fri 2013-Apr-12 @ +08 19:09:05 pm 19:09

    Perhaps it’s testing the market before venturing into the free circulation model.

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