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BN staff threaten Mkini reporter with smacking

Mon 2013-Apr-8 @ +08 12:46:37 pm

Info Dept vans seen being used at party ceramah in KL

Malaysiakini reporter Koh Jun Lin has reported being faced with threats of assault by Barisan Nasional staff when he tried to find out about the use of federal government Information Department vans and equipment at a party ceramah in Batu, Kuala Lumpur.

In his report on the encounter, Jun Lin said the party’s event organiser, Suhaimi Yahya, had shouted: “Hey! You are lucky I haven’t smacked you yet. . .” At this point, an unidentified man wearing a BN shirt stepped in and forced Malaysiakini to leave the venue, shouting “Go back”, “Don’t cause trouble”, and “Don’t you dare look back”.

Jun Lin’s run-in with the BN workers had come when he tried to ask about the use of Information vans and equipment at the opening of the party’s election centre for Batu constituency.

A speaker van was used to broadcast speeches, while two other Information vehicles were parked nearby, Jun Lin reported. » Info Dept vehicles used at BN Batu ops centre launch [Malaysiakini]

Barisan Nasional deputy chairman Muhyiddin Yassin had been the guest-of-honour earlier in which he spoke to about 300 supporters criticising the outgoing MP, Tian Chua of Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

Government equipment is not allowed to be used for party purposes under any circumstances and especially so by a caretaker government during election campaigns — but the Alliance and the Barisan Nasional coalitions have paid scant regard to procedure and good constitutional behaviour in the past.


» Berjaya Hotel refuses to allow political forum

A political forum featuring young political leaders Saifuddin Abdullah (Umno) Gan Ping Sieu (MCA), Liew Chin Tong (DAP) and Mujahid Yusof Rawa (PAS) has been moved from Berjaya Hotel Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, to the Corus two days before it is to be held.

The hotel in Jalan Imbi, and the commercial complex is owned by tycoon Vincent Tan (also owner of the Sun newspaper).

Organisers did not reveal what reason had been given for the last-minute cancellation of the ballroom booking.

» [Malaysiakini] Political forum loses venue at eleventh hour


  1. Shadaan permalink
    Mon 2013-Apr-8 @ +08 13:10:06 pm 13:10

    Indeed, journalism is an increasingly dangerous profession, and not just in the former Soviet republics, but all around the world. Malaysia has no press freedom per say and I am surprised the incident with the Malaysiakini reporter makes Malaysia like one of the countries mentioned above. This incident is tragic; the BN organisers were acting like thugs and threatening with violence. The BN administration should be more skilled, civil and disciplined when dealing with reporters. Their organisers are brutal and uncivilised. I hope they lose the election because they have lost their patience with civility and do not deserve the right to govern..

  2. Lok1 permalink
    Mon 2013-Apr-8 @ +08 17:35:03 pm 17:35

    Just check out which jet Najib use to go for his Umrah after he announced the dissolution of our Parliament… of it’s our Govt jet,the Bombardier’s Global Express, like Bakri Musa says, it’s not about the present leadership or the challenger,it’s their past and present actions that counts….Oouch!!!

  3. tebing tinggi permalink
    Mon 2013-Apr-8 @ +08 23:18:57 pm 23:18

    Yeah !, Malaysia never practice press freedom ,’ you ulang I saman” .

  4. Joe Black permalink
    Tue 2013-Apr-9 @ +08 18:04:59 pm 18:04

    Violence Generally Portrays that of Desperate Minds such as shown by the Arab Spring.

    In this case Violence portrays desperation at not being able to force people to be as stupid as they are.

    Perhaps UMNO should use all its money to get its members to Attend Anger Management Courses.

  5. Joe Black permalink
    Mon 2013-Apr-15 @ +08 17:05:27 pm 17:05

    tebing tinggi,

    Freedom to Express but not to Slander or Defame another. That’s what Freedom of the Press was meant to provide. Slandering and Creating Fabricated Stories or Videos with the Intention to Defame will most certainly invoke legal action from the injured party.

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