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Anwar calls rally Wednesday to challenge election results

Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 16:43:39 pm

Bersih plans people’s tribunals on election fraud

Anwar Ibrahim is calling a rally on Wednesday night at Kelana Jaya stadium, Petaling Jaya, to challenge the results of the general election.

Election reform group Bersih also said it was withholding recognition of the new government, and plans to will set up a people’s tribunal to investigate the extent of electoral fraud and irregularity. The tribunal would call those with first-hand information from the ground on irregularities and electoral fraud, as well as the candidates, to tell their experiences, she said.

Anwar had claimed victory for the Pakatan Rakyat last night, in a Tweet soon after polling ended, and urged Umno and the Election Commission not to hijack the election. After the official results were announced late in the night, Anwar told AFP: “I today maintain we won the elections. The Election Commission is complicit in the crime of stealing the election from Malaysians. The government has lost its legitimacy.”

Barisan Nasional leader Najib Razak, who was sworn in as the seventh prime minister this afternoon, has said he is not concerned about any challenge of the results by the opposition and electoral reform groups. “No, I think we can manage it and the most important thing is that we have to show the world we are a mature democracy.”

Anwar said today the Pakatan Rakyat would not accept the result “until the EC responds and issues an official statement to the allegations of irregularities and fraud”.


  1. Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 17:48:20 pm 17:48

    The erection commission will laugh all the way so what I am the boss I decide who will rule

  2. TOKY 74 permalink
    Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 18:06:17 pm 18:06

    Wah Lau!!! Still not over yet ka??? All hype before PRU-13 were already exhausting enough & now still got new shit to hype over???

    Clap…Clap…Clap….Malaysians are SPECIAL. I must really admit this. The SORE LOSING attitude we are showing to the world is just sooooo SPECIAL.

    • I challenge you to reply permalink
      Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 18:27:26 pm 18:27

      If you are an eligible voter and you had fulfilled your responsibility as a good Malaysian by voting on the 5th of May 2013, I must salute you.

      But IF you cannot see that this election is clearly full of fraudulence, cheating and IF you even have the guts to brand MALAYSIANS including yourself as ‘SORE LOSERS’, sorry, please don’t put up with such a disgraceful statement which is actually making a fool out of yourself.

    • Reply him now permalink
      Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 19:33:08 pm 19:33

      Yah, go a head and reply him you xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx! (deleted)

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 19:44:33 pm 19:44

      Please remain civil. Insulting comments will be deleted.

  3. TOKY 74 permalink
    Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 23:32:39 pm 23:32

    1) When you get defeated, then, your opponent is called a CROOK.
    2) When a particular person don’t support what you support is called a CHEATER.
    3) When things doesn’t work out like how you wanted it to be is called a FRAUD.

    Clap…Clap….Clap…..Malaysians certainly understand the meaning of DEMOCRACY…..Clap…Clap…Clap

    • I challenge you to reply permalink
      Tue 2013-May-7 @ MYT 00:44:51 am 00:44

      Let’s settle this diplomatically and democratically , shall we. Of course, we have to be civilized and never resort to vulgarities because i believe you are educated too , Mr TOKY74

      1) “When you get defeated, then, your opponent is called a CROOK”
      –LITERALLY, PR is defeated. But , is the defeat really justified based on all the delayed results, ‘magical’ blackouts that have happened without any concrete responses and clarifications from the EC?
      I am personally not an eligible voter yet, I’m being very truthful here. Im still 3 years short of being eligible. So , it is safe to say I’m not directly nor indirectly affiliated to BN or PR.

      Most importantly, however, is that I’ve never mentioned ‘CROOK’ in my response to you earlier.

      2)”When a particular person don’t support what you support is called a CHEATER”
      — I guess I don’t really get your point there?
      Or, have you missed my point?
      I’ve only said that this election is clearly full of fraudulence and cheating, and again, i didn’t pinpoint and brand anyone as ‘CHEATERS’. BUT , if you have someone in mind who you think is ACTUALLY cheating, maybe you are thinking of the right person.

      3) ” When things doesn’t work out like how you wanted it to be is called a FRAUD.”
      — If you are a true Malaysian who truly understands the struggles that we ordinary Malaysians of moderate background face everyday,all the scandals that have been plaguing the country and MOST IMPORTANTLY,
      of BN securing 133 MP SEATS while PR secures only 89 MP SEATS
      WHEN PR HAS 50.1% popular votes compared to BN which ONLY MANAGES 46.6% popular votes ( you don’t need me to teach you simple arithmetic, do you? )

      NOW, tell me. Do you think this is NOT A FRAUD?

      Yes, i understand democracy very much. Mind you. So let me give you a ‘STANDING OVATION’ instead of your ” clap…….clap….clap…..”


  4. Civil resistance now! permalink
    Tue 2013-May-7 @ MYT 15:29:14 pm 15:29

    bagus! Jom ubah.

  5. Lok1 permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 04:48:17 am 04:48

    Dear I challenge you to reply, if you are 3 short years of eligibility to Vote, then with how you’ve answer TOKY74, then I can rest assure our future looks great, it’s the way you’ve answered him shows you’re of rational mind and much more matured than him, we Malays call people like him tiga suku, lacking a quarter, so please forgive him for his OKU’s attitude
    I’d like to rid Malaysia of people like him coz he make us Malays looks stupid like him, even the stupidest people around knows he’s stupid,what else for people like you, more matured,more balance and more knowledgeable, we need more youths like you to serve our nation which is in need of your services, even thru your comments and also to send our condolences to TOKY74 for his lacking of that quarter that makes him irresponsibly naive, uncultured and simply plain Dumb, perhaps Dumber than dumb…oopss..Oouch.!!!!!,I guess I ‘ve accidently touch his raw side…for his info, Fork him for all I care.

    • I challenge you to reply ( a.k.a. MingZX ) permalink
      Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 11:48:36 am 11:48

      Thank you for the compliments🙂

      Ultimately, I personally think Malaysia deserves better. 1 thing which makes me sad is the fact that youths nowadays aren’t really aware of the political situation in our nation. However, the recent “magical” May 5th election has changed that. I can see it everywhere, the frustration, the anger, the disgust and ultimately, the disappointment from youths and adults alike.

      Regardless of our race, we are all Malaysians. Also, due to this fact, I will always proclaim myself as a Malaysian instead of my actual race to my foreign friends. In fact, I’ve even stressed on national unity in my SPM 2012 BM essay and the steps to achieve it.

      As a conclusion, whether this rally can make a difference to our nation or not, I believe the fight is not over. Only when all Malaysians of different race and different political ideals stand united can we push the nation to greater heights🙂

  6. UBAH permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 09:06:57 am 09:06


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