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Black magic in Bentong

Mon 2013-May-6 @ MYT 12:58:32 pm

Wong Tack (PR – DAP) 25,568
Liow Tiong Lai (BN – MCA) 25,947
Spoilt: 988
Votes: 62,400
Turnout: 52,503(84.1%)

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The definition of a recount is to “count again”, not “add boxes, add votes, then count again. Wong Tak in Bentong leading by 3000+ votes at first. Then suddenly BLACKOUT and RECOUNT and Wong Tak lost to Liow Tiong Lai by 300+ votes.
» Say No to Najib

Another reaction on Facebook

A protest against the Bentong result

A protest against the Bentong result

» There was no blackout says DAP

Wednesday 8 May 2013
Lee said that besides him, there were many other officials including police personnel and journalists who could verify the actual situation. He said that together with several aides, they arrived at the centre at about 9pm and left after 2am on Monday. “The returning officer announced the winners for the state seats shortly after midnight and at about 1.30am, the result of the parliamentary constituency. There was definitely no blackout and I would like to reiterate that neither the party nor I had anything to do with stories of the alleged incident spread by certain quarters,” he said.

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