Sex video blogger Papagomo, King Jason arrested

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Police have arrested the notorious pro-Umno blogger Papagomo and another blogger King Jason over incitement to riot in articles on Monday and today relating to the outcome of the general election.

Federal CID directory Syed Ismail Syed Azizan said: “We will not rest until those who spread lies and post racial messages are detained…we expect to make more arrests soon.”

Papagomo is one of the bloggers who exposed sex videos that purported to show a man resembling an opposition politician having sex with a woman said to be a prostitute from China. Papagomo also blogged about how he was given an exclusive tour of KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, one of the Navy’s two Scorpene submarines, at a defence show in Langkawi.

Papagomo had posted an entry in Malay earlier this morning entitled, “Mesej Sebaran Cina DAP Yang Dahagakan Kuasa (The Message Spread of the Chinese DAP that Thirsts for Power)” that drew 54 comments. Yesterday, he had posted another piece entitled Bangsa Cina DAP Wajib Ditentang Walaupun Bermandi Darah (“The Chinese race DAP must be opposed even if bathed in blood.” that purportedly carried a Malay translation of a pamphlet detailing a Chinese plot to take over the country by taking advantage of weakened Malay leaders.

King Jason who posts his pieces on the website purportedly published an article accusing the BN of buying votes in Sunday’s election.

A Sarawak PKR women’s wing member had lodged a police report earlier today against Papagomo and a reader, Shahrizad Mohd Diah, for allegedly calling on all Malays to riot against the Chinese for voting for the opposition.

The report was filed by Jamilah Baharuddin at Simpang Tiga police station, and another report at Sungai Maong.

Jamilah alleged that the postings came from Papagomo, and Shahrizad Mohd Diah, a financial adviser who also claimed to be a managing director of MD Property Development Sdn Bhd. who had posted a comment at Papagomo’s blog inciting a riot against Malaysian Chinese on May 13. “This is the only way,” he had said.

Jamillah said that as a Malay she was shocked to read such statements. “I am sure other Malays do not share their statements,” she said, pointing out that “we cannot blame the Chinese for supporting the opposition”.

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2 thoughts on “Sex video blogger Papagomo, King Jason arrested

  1. ITS just another drama PDRM! @ best its giving unnecessary publicity to a social scum and alime not worth our time! We must try to dissuade DSAI from ANOTHER mistake so early in post GE13!
    ALL must act civilised and today the youths are behind us! Let us show them what comes with aging!
    WISDOM and the ability NOT to let ZEAL outrun our DISCRETION!
    WE all know theEC and NRD has done the SABAH NO ON Malaysian voters but we need the Gazetted Results as proofs! THE scoundrels are employees of the BN Government! They had five years to set and perfect their cheating and cooking up the ER!
    MOBBING and DEMO is the last thing we should show to our trusting young MPs who believed in us setting a good moral example!
    We know the state of our Judiciary BUT doing Petitions the LEGAL way we must or BERSIH CANNOT help us!
    BERSIH must be lethal enough to act and seek redress by being APOLITICAL!
    DSAI, must have faith in ALLAH!
    HIS days of taking to the streets are OVER! WE have already come so far!
    THE right winners will TRIUMPH in the END!
    PLEASE allow sanity to prevail and not give BN the fodder to label PR as `samseng jalanan’ and brainless dolt at the ripe old age of 65 and an aging grandmaster!

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