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Apa Lu Mahu? – now the Star wants to know

Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 13:24:35 pm

After Utusan Malaysia’s provocative race-baiting headline, and humourous tongue-in-cheek responses on Twitter, now here’s the Star wanting to know what you think:
(hashtag #MyWant)

Some of the responses:

  1. Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 13:37:24 pm 13:37

    I want a fair voting system where every citizen’s vote has the same weightage. I want all the corrupt politicians charge for fraud. I want an independent investigation carried out to find out the truth re the GE 13 election. I want the EC chairman investigated for unfairness and made accountable to the public. he has many questions to answer. I want all political leaders to account for their wealth

  2. Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 14:51:57 pm 14:51

    Justice for Altantuya,Aminrul,Beng Hock,Kugan & victims of deaths in Polis custody
    Corruption by Opportunists & high powered politicians to be investigated & charged
    Independent MACCJudiciary>LawEnforcement>Polis
    End of Racism in Govt Civil Service,GLCs
    Reduction in crime
    Free & Fair Elections & end postal fraud & phantom voters

  3. Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 15:01:40 pm 15:01

    1/ A clean, corrupt- free, race- free, religion- free, transparent, unbiased press, free judiciary, honest EC= efficient Government emanating from top leadership showing exemplary conduct like Tok Guru Nik Aziz. No freegifts, no free use of Government machinery, equal treatment for all parties access to TV, blah, blah, blah, no rhetorics
    and please forget about hudud, we are in the year 2013 now.

  4. kumar permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 15:21:34 pm 15:21

    i want the PM to bring down our cost of living ASAP! starting with petrol prices. he must address bread and butter issues first and foremost.

  5. Lok1 permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 15:49:46 pm 15:49

    I want what they all above want and more,we are running a huge debt, I want Zeti to resign, I want MACC to be independant,Ok,ok,ok, just give me this :- I want Najib to undo what mahathir did, bringing everything under the executive, undo that and we’ll be more successful and lastly I want Star and other Govt media to stop asking or telling Lies and spreading untruth. betul ni…dont play play, if you wanna know the truth, nothing we ask will be answered or anything done about it, just wasted my time typing this note…. stupidos Niachos…

  6. Mimie Tong permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 16:13:01 pm 16:13

    Stop corruption.Stop cronies.Media & Press Freedom!!Independent Judiciary!!Independent EC!!Independent MACC!!Peace & racial harmony. Cost of living ‘TURUN’!!No race based political party & many more!!!!!

  7. Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 17:46:06 pm 17:46

    Pm Yang tak halal Tanya katak Ibrahim Ali mengapa kalah

  8. Great pretenders permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ MYT 18:13:34 pm 18:13

    Since what we wanted simply like sincerity,honesty,clean,fair,just,humbleness,you will never give, so might as well we want these : Birkins bag, 24-carat diamond ring, drive Bentley sport like the youth chief, drive Phantom like the white haired old guy, own a few jets like the pkfz guy,live in mahligai like toyol, carry a bagful of RM24mil cash around,keep some hotties chicks for fun time,and of course rear some awfully expensive cows in some awfully expensive condos

  9. A MALAYSIAN RACEtizen permalink
    Thu 2013-May-9 @ MYT 20:23:02 pm 20:23

    A Simple Conscience For the sake of ANAK MALAYSIA….

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