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Fearmongering by the Star

Wed 2013-May-8 @ +08 14:24:53 pm

Fearmongering by the Star

  1. Wed 2013-May-8 @ +08 14:39:42 pm 14:39

    Have they gone mad? This fear mongering is not going to frighten the Chinese.

  2. Wed 2013-May-8 @ +08 15:01:58 pm 15:01

    A few people have to be careful. These are desperate times. Desperate people are capable of anything. Your heart may just stop beating

  3. Stop cavemen politics ! permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ +08 16:36:11 pm 16:36

    Those old guards are still playing dinosaurs politics…..that punishment is imminient,our future darkened,we are the losers in the end etc just because we don’t subscribe to all these ills : corruption, gerrymandering politics,racist policies,patronage,hypocrisy. Did the chinese do wrong by rejecting these bad values?

    • Wed 2013-May-8 @ +08 16:42:40 pm 16:42

      Mahathir and Najib would like all Malays to agree these are bad values

  4. KL Lee permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ +08 17:16:04 pm 17:16

    Sidelined or not, Malaysian Chinese already got lop-sided treatment from the government so far. What they now get is from their own initiative. So who cares when they have already given with nothing to begin with……

  5. Gregory permalink
    Wed 2013-May-8 @ +08 19:13:49 pm 19:13

    Sidelined? We have been push to the extreme corner already. How worst can we be – with or without MCA? Maybe, just maybe, with MCA out of the picture, spring may return to the chinese community and we may finally be called Malaysian. not Chinese.

  6. CS Lee permalink
    Thu 2013-May-9 @ +08 05:50:59 am 05:50

    i call all chinese to stop buying the Star paper
    they are biased and does no more than being a tool for Najib


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