Democracy is dead? Who says?



IF democracy is truly dead in Malaysia, you wouldn’t be attending public rallies and carrying protest posters and banners, wearing T-shirts of funny colours, you wouldn’t be circulating news, rumours, insults and jokes on Facebook and Twitter, and you wouldn’t have Harakah or Rocket – or even the Sun, Sinar Harian, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider or Malaysia Chronicle.And if democracy is dead, there would have been no elections. And if there had not been any elections you wouldn’t have been angry at being cheated, angry enough to say Democracy Is Dead. The fact that you can say it shows that democracy is not dead. Sorry to disappoint you.
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And similarly with the fact that maybe you were at Kelana Jaya last night. If you weren’t, you could have gone, just as you could go to the forthcoming rally in Penang on Saturday night.

Where got dead?

Where got dead? Who says?

Where got dead? Who says?

So we do have some kind of democracy. A half-past six democracy. And we should be thankful we have even that much, because dead things cannot come to life again. For that you need a miracle. The last time it happened was more than 2,000 years ago. (There’s a book and several movies about it, you may have heard.)

But when something’s only half-dead, it can be rescued, revived, and nursed back to health. It doesn’t need a miracle. It only needs you — and a few others. Some banners or posters would help. Preferably not that one at the top.

A half-past-six democracy

A half-past-six democracy

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9 thoughts on “Democracy is dead? Who says?

  1. Najib will Continue to live in his Delusional State of “I Love PM”….Whilst his Party UMNO Continues to be a Bystander.

    There is just No One in UMNO of any standing to challenge his mediocrity during the next UMNO General Assembly. This is the Reason why Pak Lah Declared that Najib was the best person to be PM even after the polls indicated Najib’s popularity rating was worse than his and lost more votes than himself.

    Mahathir? He’s Happy..He got What he Wanted. His Son is now MB for Kedah, having Leapfrogged Over everyone Else. He might decide to retreat for good from the scene after getting what he wanted. His boy should take heed of the saying though.. Be Careful of What You Wish For…..

    In the final analysis, Najib was Conned into believing that he could win with 2/3 Majority!! And those conmen made tons of money from the election campaign.

    Najib and His well paid Scammers will now have to face the Wrath of the Public who now feels that they were victims of fraud. And asking people who feel that they are victims of fraud to forgive and forget is a tall order!!

    • This country cannot afford this government and its out brazen corrupt ways. In the long term everyone will suffer. UMNO must close down. We need Malaysia for Malaysians for whatever color creed or religion.. There must be a determine effort to stop all these corruption and the government must be made accountable.

  2. Hidup segan mati tunggu…!

    Bukan democracy mampus! Tapi pembohongan, kezaliman, kekejaman, kekerasan yang hampir mampus !!!

    Bertahan sambil kekerasan kita kukus !

  3. One has to be alive in the first place for one to die.

    In Malaysia, democracy was never alive at anytime.

    Democracy cannot be defined in the narrowest terms as just a government-tolerated freedom to protest and freedom to express views in speech or in writing on news websites. It is more than that.

    In the Malaysian context, the true democracy exists when we have Malaysia for all Malaysians and not just for an exclusive citizenry.

    In the Malaysian context, democracy means equality in rights and opportunities for all. In the same context, Democracy means freedom of worship without fear or intimidation and, more importantly, freedom of choice of religion.

    Why be grateful for “half past six” democracy when it is your incumbent right to enjoy full democracy?

  4. Corruption, nepotism and cronyism is still very much alive and Pakatan Rakyat won just 89 seats (against BN 133) effectively snuffing the CHANGE Plan! so Plan B might be the one still in the pipeworks! Such is the ways of Democracy, still very much alive for Malaysia!
    We have not heard the end yet, at least from DSAI! Last night spectacular mammoth Rally apparently was the first of many planned! EC said it would not change the verdicts – has to File Petitions!
    I believe in the Democratic Process of Voting but we must REVISE this FPTP system!
    As Dr R. Ramesh commented, we cannot have the far flung wilderness and the rural hinterland simplistic MINORITY voters dictating and overriding the wishes of the elites and well-informed urban majority voters, enabling the Barisan National in GE13, to form the Legitimate Government of Malaysia again!
    But not withstanding the gross abuses, manipulations and obvious hanky-panky of the NRD and EC, I seriously doubt Pakatan Rakyat can UNseat this simple majority BN/GOM even if by-elections were to be held in all the 30 disputed seats!

    • If there are evidences of cheating in these thirty seats, it will mean a call for a re election.
      whether Bn can be topple after the do is not the issue. The issue is cheating has taken place so the result is not valid.

  5. “As Dr R. Ramesh commented, we cannot have the far flung wilderness and the rural hinterland simplistic MINORITY voters dictating and overriding the wishes of the elites and well-informed urban majority voters, enabling the Barisan National in GE13, to form the Legitimate Government of Malaysia again”! …. isn’t a STUPID thing to say? RACISTS even?

    Aren’t those in the far flung wilderness and rural hinterland the true Malaysians? This is their land.

    Why can’t the “educated” pakatan supporters/leaders go and help them? Explain to them there is alternatives to BN? Wouldn’t that be better than insulting them?

    Just because you are a doctor doesn’t mean you are better than them.

    It’s these kind of statements ensures the natives will continue running to BN.

    I don’t like BN but at least their people go visit the natives a few times a year. My wife is a Sarawakian and I’ve seen every Gawai, Christmas and other celebrations, there are some BN politicians who show up, mingle with them. Once in a while, they even help build some stuff or repair the roads.

    To these “simplistic minority” it is enough. Their wakil rakyat has come to pay them respect. Where were the opposition? Having fun in the urban areas with the elite?

    Just my two cents worth.

  6. Democracy was there in 1957, UMNO and its leaders killed it. Over the past 55 years, the system of government has become dysfunctional because of concentrating power in the hands of a select few from the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO). The basic principle of one person one vote was compromised almost immediately after independence. The first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, found the Election Commissioner too independent, curbed its power and made it to delimit constituencies and put it under Parliament. The ruling party has since used the Election Commission to stage manage elections giving UMNO supporters such as rural Malays disproportionate weight in the electorate compared to urban voters where the opposition tends to be focused. Civil liberties in Malaysia have been severely curtailed to protect UMNO’s dominant position. The Judicial Crisis of 1988 under Mahathir sacked the Lord President as a way of controlling the Judiciary — the body that is meant to interpret legislation and defends the rights of citizens – whom he thought had become ‘too independent‘. The Constitutional amendments made the Judiciary subordinate to the Executive. The ruling party also controls all use of legitimate force, the Police, armed forces and other paramilitary units and uses it arbitrarily

  7. “But political analysts say that while the rallies will be disruptive, they are unlikely to change the status quo. “Mr. Anwar has the public support, but still, Mr. Najib is a legitimate prime minister, so the opposition should go through the legal due process first,” said Mohammad Agus Yusoff, a political analyst at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.”

    Do not forget WSJ is a finance based newsfeed representing financial interests from the Western world. The time of change has a time limit. Any reformative policies in the past have been turned down or ignored in Parliament. Why this time of all the times, does the opinion of the average joe or jane matter? Remember, pre-2008, UMNO IS the government, the civil service, the election commission, the police, the army and in full control of the domestic economy. What shape that economy is in, is another story.
    It is misleading to think that this is the beginning of a reformative movement. This has gone on since before 2008, culminating at the present moment when a strong opposition party exist in Malaysia. After 50 years of manipulating the electoral process, judiciary, media, police and the military, UMNO is showing signs of conceding after robbing an election? No, UMNO is buying time. It has no future, it is just buying time.
    Foreign pressure has initiated the need to dismantle the affirmative action policies even during PM Abdullah Badawi’s time. He was quickly replaced by the warlords within UMNO. And yet when PM Najib introduced the very same policies, not a ripple within UMNO. UMNO’s strategies hasn’t change that much over the years. This is one of the old ones. Pay lip service, massage the numbers of achievement targets (NKRA) and manipulate the stock market to reflect that. Shrink and subsidize the baskets of goods that measure inflation.
    So why now, with all the reluctance of a temple virgin, UMNO is trying to be seen to be doing right by international standards of a democracy? It has never done so before and most notable is most international diplomats reflect Bob Carr’s (Australia’s foreign minister) conservative attitude. ‘That’s not our problem. Don’t rock the boat.’ But unlike Malaysia’s regime, most foreign politicians are beholden to their electorate and therefore the opinions of the international community does matter.
    The second reason lies in global economic turmoil. For 5 years now, US have been touting the financial viability of emerging markets in Southeast Asia. With all that money floating around and nowhere to invest, it is imperative to keep the economy of Southeast Asia stable. It has options in the BRIC nations but none that would let it have strategic control. If Malaysia destabilizes it will affect the logistics and economy of Southeast Asia. Look at Vietnam. Since late 2008, it is the honey pot of investors for going in on the ground level to capitalize on the ’emerging market’ model. An entrenched corrupt government has been fabricating figures until inflation shot up 30% – 40% since 2008.

    “In 2011 and 2012, it was estimated that 100,000 businesses shut down amid the economic recession, a figure which was by far higher than that in the years before. However, the unemployment rate was abnormally low at 2.2 percent.”

    For Western investors, reformative action in Malaysia is desirable but social turmoil or anything that threatens the stability of Malaysia is to be avoided at all cost. It is a conundrum because in order for Malaysia to fulfill the prophecy of the ‘Emerging Market’ model, it needs reforms. UMNO’s survival is an antithesis to reform. It’s power is based on keeping a large portion of the electorate in the rural areas ignorant and poor, to be dependent on its ‘dole-outs’. Yet it needs to have a large enough tax base (middle class) to squeeze in order for those hand-outs. Developing those rural areas to the middle income strata would almost guarantee the loss of votes to PR. Keeping a balance of the two factors is indeed tricky. Any shift in the scales and the economy would slide all the way. ‘Bottom heavy’ in population and ‘top heavy’ in money, with nothing in the middle. This is the autocratic model. There is also the very personal threat of legal persecution for corruption if a new government is to come into power.
    For once in 5+ decades, the people of Malaysia is in the unique position of ‘blackmailing’ the ruling elite. There is no need for violence. Just ‘Ghandi-esque’ misbehavior would do. PR governs in the richest tax-base states in Malaysia. Exports are down in this dismal global economy. This window of opportunity exists as long as Europe’s economy remains a basket case or before US figures out what to do with its printed dollars by the trillions.

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