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Hypocrisy of the Star – Insider editorial

Sat 2013-May-11 @ +08 02:58:57 am

Hypocrisy at the people's paper

Hypocrisy at the people’s paper

Malaysian Insider editorial
MAY 10
Nothing is more nauseating than hypocrisy. After weeks and months of driving a wedge between races in Malaysia and contributing to the “Chinese tsunami” myth in its coverage, The Star has now decided it is time for reconciliation and unity. So, today, it has a front page montage of many happy faces of Malaysians, topped off with a headline “We are Malaysia”.

Are we now expected to forget the attempts by The Star and its owner MCA to pit Muslims against non-Muslims through its hudud-bashing articles and advertisements? Didn’t they realise that the hudud bashing was offensive to Muslims and other God-fearing people? Didn’t the editors bother about national unity then?

Wednesday May 8 - fearmongering by the Star

Wednesday May 8 – fearmongering by the Star

Are we expected to suffer from amnesia and forget reports by The Star’s editors and columnists aimed at portraying the DAP as a chauvinist party and PAS, extremists? Now that its slavish adherence to MCA’s strategy has resulted in a near-complete rejection by Malaysians, the party-owned newspaper has decided to play the unity card and talk up reconciliation. Reconciliation, whether by Putrajaya or by its media, is only possible if there is sincerity.

And the starting point for the mainstream media is by giving fair coverage to all. Not salivating that Azmin Ali is causing some furore because he is not in the running to be mentri besar for Selangor, while conveniently forgetting to ask pointed questions about MCA’s continued relevance or why Gary Lim was fielded despite the charges against him.

Reconciliation is only possible if The Star and other media stop believing that a few column inches a day to the Opposition will qualify as being “balanced and fair”. Remember, more than 50 per cent of Malaysians voted for Pakatan Rakyat. Gimmicks and symbolic gestures will not work. A contrived campaign to promote “We are Malaysia” will not work if you don’t accept that many Malaysians voted for change ― and that includes how the mainstream media functions.

The Malaysian Insider editorial

The Malaysian Insider editorial


  1. Shadaan permalink
    Sat 2013-May-11 @ +08 03:08:14 am 03:08

    There was no Chinese tsunami like they are saying. What surprises me most is the Star being a respectable media group promotes racism in a multiracial country. This I believe is a recipe being prepared to promote racial conflict. These are the real enemies of Malaysia; people please take note of this betrayal.

  2. Sat 2013-May-11 @ +08 11:04:33 am 11:04

    My apology if what I shall be saying is in any way offending! I have read most of the English postings by several bloggers! I think we may have stressed to much on the already informed majority of netizens who make up I`Net readers and users!
    We have won over 5.6millions to mainly Urbanites. I believe our standard of English may have been too high flown for the other 4.8millions or maybe some who are better, could strive to win over and enlighten them in simpler English or in Malay..
    We are pretty safe with English Readers but those with limited excess need to broaden their minds into other than bread and butter issues!
    We can’t fault what my cousin Blogger said `a lame duck’ and I saw `a sinking ship!’
    The masses are NOT racists because of their daily intra-race meetings and activities! It is not happening in the Metro, small and kampungs! Kelantan Chinese speak Kelantanese despite its Ultra-Muslim rule (no Hudud) and in from Penang to Kedah all speak Baku Malay..
    Yhe MCA depends on its Media to generate funds and expound its Political landscape!
    But the Netizens read into more than Political propaganda! 5.6 miliion of voters (not including) wants more than the extolling of fear-mongers along the racial and religious fractures!
    So to all young and old its again the role of Bloggers across all races to negate these MSM gibberish to perpetuate its Political Masters TENACIOUS efforts to split an already UNITED Us against them!
    I am useless in coherent Malay, please muster all the Malay conversant to Reach out to our brothers and sisters in smaller towns and kampungs and the far-flung posts!
    Thank you very much for all you have done, brave and staunch supporters of truth, justice and equal opportunities for All!

  3. No more nonsense please permalink
    Sat 2013-May-11 @ +08 12:58:20 pm 12:58

    I’m still waiting for the day when The Star pen for the people who pay to read it, rather than for all those crafty insincere politicial bosses who don’t read it.


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