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Feel-good May 13 parties are an abomination

Tue 2013-May-14 @ +08 01:29:31 am

The Day Umno Racism Won

Every year at this time, many earnest-minded folk will organise “feel-good” parties, supposedly to help fellow Malaysians to “exorcise the ghost” of May 13, 1969. They’re doing the wrong thing. There is no ghost. It’s alive and kicking.

The Umno racism behind May 13 did not die in the blood of that day. It thrived, and grew. It is very much alive today, in the race-baiting flames fanned by the likes of Utusan Malaysia and the voices of Perkasa, the proxies of that other fear-monger, Mahathir Mohamad.

What can those earnest folk of the “feel-good” parties achieve? A whitewash of what Umno’s racists have done, and are still doing, by transferring guilt from the guilty to the innocent.

May 13 happened because Umno and its partners in the Alliance lost the popular vote at the general election. It lost Penang to the newly-formed multiracial Gerakan party and was deadlocked in Perak and Selangor without a majority.

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The riots of 1969 perpetuated Umno power, in a naked power grab. Umno has never accepted responsibility. Instead, “communists” were blamed. The Chinese community were blamed. The DAP were blamed. Nowadays, Lim Kit Siang particularly is blamed. (He was not even in KL on the day.)

Ex-judge warns Chinesekukluxklan

Those doing the blaming and pointing the fingers are Umno’s reactionary right-wing fascists who, once again, want to make the entire Malaysian Chinese community pay the price of what happened 44 years ago. For being successful despite the odds. For standing up for themselves. For demanding what is their due.

That is the evil behind the good intent of feel-good parties: they transfer the guilt to the innocent. The guilt lies not with Malaysian people; it was not Malaysian society that turned against each other. It was politicians and their flunkies willing to use violence to keep power.

The power grab
I was beside Tun Razak when he took the calls from them (the late Dr Lim Chong Eu and Dr Tan Chee Khoon of Gerakan) late past tea time on the fateful evening of 13 May. I recall clearly what Tun Razak told Harun “…the good news is you will continue to run Selangor. Chee Khoon and Chong Eu had just spoken to me that they want status quo preserved. So tell the people gathering at your house to disperse.” Harun thanked Tun and asked him to convey his gratitude to the two statesmen. Between five-to-ten minutes after that Harun rang Tun Razak to say that it was too late. As he was persuading them to disperse news reached the crowd that clashes had begun in Chow Kit Road and surroundings and beyond.
Abdullah Ahmad
aide to Tun Razak
speech on May 13, 2009

The guilt lies with racist politicians — especially the politicians of the ruling party, specifically Umno.

Every Umno politician of that period shares the guilt: those who whipped up racist hysteria and instigated their followers, and those in the police, security forces and the civil services who lost sight of their primary role to protect and defend the nation and all citizens, not just those of the same skin or the same faith.

In 44 years, none of those involved have ever shown remorse, let alone willingness to accept responsibility. If anything, the likes of Mahathir Mohamad have continually used the threat of “another May 13”, and the implied threat to invoke violence against citizens, to stay in power.

Utusan Malaysia in the past five years, and especially in the past week, has been the standard-bearer of the race-baiting, fear-mongering and incitement that led to May 13.

When feel-good parties are held on this day, it perpetuates the myth — the big lie — that ordinary Malaysians turned against each other and covers up for the politicians who did, and who kept their fingers clean by using proxies. But their hands are stained with blood nonetheless.

It is Umno that must bear primary responsibility for that day 44 years ago. When they do, national reconciliation may begin. That they have never done so is a testament to the arrogance of power, of having got away with murder.

Umno’s power grab of May 13 kept them going, brought “ultras” to the fore, and perpetuated the Malays First racism that is embodied in the evil of Ketuanan Melayu and Perkasa, the proxies of Mahathir Mohamad.

If today’s feel-good Malaysians want to feel really good, they should work at getting Umno to accept responsibility, and thereby start a process of reconciliation. And get Umno to end racist trash talk, and racism as a basis of public policy.

Espousing May 13 “unity” only does Umno’s work for them, by whitewashing an atrocity.

And that is an abomination.

what does Kit Siang wantstop-race-baiting

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  1. Shadaan permalink
    Tue 2013-May-14 @ +08 05:50:58 am 05:50

    The perpetrators of the riots on the 13th of May 1969 should have been brought to trial for crimes committed against the citizens of the country. Why a group of leaders should be allowed to murder a portion of the population because they justify that there is a need? In this case it makes it hard because the perpetrators were the leaders of UMNO together with the security apparatus of the country. These criminals were allowed to become leaders of the nation. They protected themselves and the offenders and even in time found the judicial system a threat and restrained its powers as an autonomous justice system. They talk and act about Islam, God and human justice and fairness. Well, May 13, 1969, was truly a traumatic experience for Malaysia. Yet 43 years later, there is still no proper closure. Instead, the incident has haunted the nation these past four decades. Just the mention of ‘May 13’ invokes shudders and nervous glances. It is our national ‘code’ for violent racial meltdown, especially among the older generation. Race riots were initiated in Rwanda in 1994 and the perpetrators of the crime was the government and its machine. In the end these people were tried and charged by the International criminal courts. One global impact of the Rwandan Genocide is that it served as impetus to the creation of the International Criminal Court, so that ad hoc tribunals would not need to be created for future incidents of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes The UMNO leaders use this race riot incident over and over again to threaten the Malaysian public because these criminals got away from the crimes they committed. They cannot do it again because this time there is a chance they will be tried by the International criminal courts.

    The racial riots of the 13th of May 1969
    Over 10000 people killed during the riots divided by 3 days= 3000 killed per day
    3000 divided by 24 hours =120 killed per hour
    120 divided by 60 = 2 people killed every minute for 3 days
    Mind you there were no guns used only weapons like parangs, and other sharp objects.

    This is the genocide mahathir and company which is UMNO initiated – Hope you people rot in the hell of Islam.

  2. Tue 2013-May-14 @ +08 11:53:27 am 11:53

    The blame game continues!Those who wear their BN hearts on their sleeves, you have every right to do so, but please remember there are those who are NOT fans of the BN and their policies and their actions against other ethnic groups., and we have every right to do so via the ballot box! We may not win a GE but the tally of votes shows what a skewed system of parliamentary delineation we have . This is the systems that actually penalises the urban citizens. So much for democracy! It’s dead in Malaysia as far as I am concerned. Bring on GE 14 in 5 years time,. My WHOLE family including extended family members will continue for PR en bloc! What the present PM can put on the table will not interest me at is not sincere!

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