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Guan Eng tells exco: Beware the press

Wed 2013-May-15 @ +08 10:35:27 am

Penang’s state executive councillors have been told to be cautious when speaking to the press, especially those aligned to Barisan Nasional, reports Malaysiakini.

It said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng advised MPs and state assemblymen to prepare themselves before they spoke to journalists, and to prefer written statements to the press, especially on controversial issues.

“We have been bitten too many times, so be careful,” Lim said at a luncheon to introduce the new state cabinet to civil servants, resulting in Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and The Star not being invited to his press conferences. The journalists were not banned from his events, he said, but he would exercise extreme caution when commenting on controversial issues in their presence.
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  1. Joe Black permalink
    Wed 2013-May-15 @ +08 11:07:05 am 11:07

    Doesn’t Matter What he will say…They will Still Spin it their way!!
    Best for him to totally exclude these Interpid Ghostwriters………

  2. KL Lee permalink
    Wed 2013-May-15 @ +08 11:52:11 am 11:52

    The point for Lim Guan Eng to deliberate and quantify press release says so much of their credence to our main stream media…..

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