For airheads, a stinging message about sex

Sex education

“IBTimes UK published a story yesterday about a man who died having while trying to have sex with a hornet’s nest. Unfortunately it turned out the story was a fake from a satirical news website in Sweden called Nyheterna Sverige, which was kindly pointed out by a number of our readers…the joke got lost in translation – as well the names of those involved. The neighbour’s name translates to erection and the fetish expert is called genital.”
International Business Times, UK

Swedish Man ‘Dies After Having Sex With Hornet’s Nest’
To attempt to have intercourse with a hornet’s nest is a very bad idea.
“Siv During Livh”
“a psychologist and expert on sex fantasies”



3 thoughts on “For airheads, a stinging message about sex

  1. Ummm …. you sure this is not one of the latest jokes about Saiful getting hitched soon?

    Reminds me of a joke I used to tell in school in the 70s. An idiot was getting married and he fretted about what to do on his wedding night. His friends told him where he should stick his thingy and he should practice doing it with the hole in the tree. Well, so happened the hole had an inhabitant – a big fat bumble bee! So you can guess what happened then.

    • No, sorry, it really isn’t about Saiful. It’s a joke for the outgoing defence minister, now minister of foreign housing, and the incoming defence minister, who is also minister of transport (maybe because he loves to ride helicopters and motorcycles).

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