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New KDN brings back old housing policy

Fri 2013-May-17 @ +08 10:27:05 am
Ahmad Zaid Hamidi announces new housing policy

Ahmad Zaid Hamidi announces new housing policy

  1. Fri 2013-May-17 @ +08 13:30:17 pm 13:30

    His opinion is not the opinion of the majority of the people in government. He has no right to tell the majority to move out.

  2. Ed G permalink
    Fri 2013-May-17 @ +08 16:35:19 pm 16:35

    Let’s rephrase our Home Minister’s statement, ‘If Zahid does not like to hear the views and opinions of the people, why don’t he just leave his public position?’ Sounds kind of uncouth and low mentality, isn’t it?

  3. Fri 2013-May-17 @ +08 19:26:23 pm 19:26

    What else this airhead supposedly drX can think off? He has a good vicious mentor…
    Luckily BN didn’t get the 2/3rds yet or Ambiga will be a non-Malaysia, alright for Migrants who are pliant! AI will also be sent back where his DKK ancestors hail!
    Switching portfolios for one of the trio whose still unaccountable for the 10 dead Malaysians and 77 killed invaders.. Still cannot account for the `ceasfire’ during April, 20 to May 5, GE13!
    It they are intent on claiming Sabah, would there be this `LULL’ in invasion?
    Kindy show for the benefit of the goons and fools of politics and its shadow plays!
    Najib may have less than 180 days of reckoning to keep his PM pants ON!
    Zahid has been given the Ministry that was in shambles when he gave it to his cousin, now pass it to his close Scorpene and Deefence hanky-panky ally!

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