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Hata Wahari to hold protest at Utusan today

Sun 2013-May-19 @ +08 15:48:40 pm

Hata Wahari, the former journalists’ union president sacked by Utusan Malaysia two years ago, is leading a protest outside the newspaper’s office tomorrow today in response to racial headlies and commentaries published after the general election.

Together with other former Utusan journalists, Hata will lead a picket from 5pm to 6pm tomorrow outside the newspaper’s office off Jalan Chan Sow Lin in Sungei Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

A commentary by an editor, under the headline Apa Lagi Cina Mahu (What Else Do the Chinese Want?) was highlighted on the front page of the paper, sparking controversy and protests.

Azran Osman Rani, chief executive of Air Asia X, the long-distance budget airline, who described Utusan Malaysia as a “racist newspaper” and threatened to pull off the airline’s advertisements from the Umno-owned daily, has since faced a backlash from Malay rights groups. In return Utusan Malaysia’s columnist Awang Selamat said today the paper should stop taking advertisements from Air Asia until Azran apologises.

Hata Wahari's protest

Mari bersama-sama saya dan rakan bekas wartawan Utusan menuntut Ketua Pengarang Utusan agar menjunjung etika kewartawanan di hadapan Pejabat Utusan Melayu, 46 M Jalan Lima Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur. Pada 20 Mei (205) 2013 dari pukul 5 hingga 6 Petang


  1. Mozzigard permalink
    Sun 2013-May-19 @ +08 16:32:48 pm 16:32

    Good of Hata to lead the picket. Good on Azran of AirAsiaX for boycotting Utusan. Let’s see more corporations jump on this bandwagon. Will honk in support as I drive past tomorrow

  2. Sun 2013-May-19 @ +08 19:22:35 pm 19:22

    In return Utusan Malaysia’s columnist Awang Selamat said today the paper should stop taking advertisements from Air Asia until Azran apologises.
    The newspaper makes a living by taking advertisements and are paid for it and if they want to stop taking adverts from Air Asia, they are just slitting their own throats. Awang Selamat sure has shit in his brains. Why don’t he say that the paper will stop publishing unless the public accept their stand and see whether anyone will comne crying begging them to continue publishing?

  3. Sun 2013-May-19 @ +08 22:16:07 pm 22:16

    Who reads Utusan anyway?

  4. Lok1 permalink
    Mon 2013-May-20 @ +08 00:00:02 am 00:00

    Dear Azran of Air Asia, please don’t even bother to reply to that stupid shit head columnist or is it suppose to be communist of that most hated toilet paper cum news/rumour/agitator spreader, for that statement, I’d still fly Air Asia the next time out, that I promise you,tks for not being cowed by the ” Powers That Be “(heeee3)…Oouch!!!

  5. JAMALUDIN ISMAIL permalink
    Mon 2013-May-20 @ +08 08:45:37 am 08:45

    Utusan is a classic case of what Kipling related in his poetic verse: “If you could bear to hear the truth you have spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools……’ Obviously, only these low classes of people subscribed to Utusan. Allah has shown me the right path by not ever bothering to look at it even free of charge, let alone waste my money on it, since the 1960s.

  6. weehobbit permalink
    Mon 2013-May-20 @ +08 17:07:26 pm 17:07

    All and sundry, time to start boycotting UM like it’s a leper in Malaysian society.

  7. Shadaan permalink
    Sun 2013-May-26 @ +08 01:34:48 am 01:34

    Newspapers that publish racist articles especially in the 21st century is still living in the 18th century. We are all the same inside. We have the same organs, the same minds, same soul, same kind od blood group and our DNA is 99% similar. We are mankind, the human race! Racism is a dead concept, because race is a socially constructed concept. We must move on from this ideology of stubbornness in order to blend. We should surpass this misguided and rancid gloom, our society as a whole will suffer and opportunities of human advancement. We must rise up and discipline our tongues, pens and minds and embrace our friends and relatives. The Utusan Malaysia newspaper is run by a group of angry nationalist Malay men supported by UMNOwho needs to wake up to the truth. Racism is truly horrible in every aspect of the word, it has only done harm. So wake up angry Malay men.


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