Ruhanie gets a thrashing for ‘proxy regime’ remarks

First ….blame Anwar, second blame the Chinese, if all fails then say foreign intervention
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Paid for: millions given to US propaganda writer by Malaysian government

Millions given to US propaganda writer by Malaysian government

Ruhani Ahmad has received a lambasting from Malaysiakini’s informed readers for repeating the comments by a little-known US blogger suggesting that the United States was using opposition parties to set up a puppet regime in Malaysia.

Ruhani, former MP and property developer, former press aide to Musa Hitam, former NST reporter, is the man said to be behind the Malaysian Digest.

In March, the little-known right-wing American “analyst” Josh Trevino admitted being paid US1.2mil by the Malaysian government for running down Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition, for running two blogs and paying off other writers for similar commentaries.

Umno propaganda masquerading as journalism

Umno propaganda disguised as news

Last week, Umno-backed blog the Mole reported on the comments of yet another another little-known American blogger, someone named Tony Cartalucci, who describes himself as a “geopolitical researcher” based in Bangkok.

Malaysian DigestCartalucci’s article “US ‘Pivot’ Toward Asia Trips in Malaysia” had been carried at Malaysian Digest, about the only semi-serious web site to give the article any attention, after it was first run by Mole, the well-funded Umno propaganda site set up through Ahiruddin Atan of Rocky Bru. Of course, it was slavishly copied and republished by the network of pro-Umno blogs that love to run down Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim. Cartalucci | Digest

Cartalucci had alleged that Barisan Nasional’s victory had “denied the United States an opportunity to subvert the elections and install a proxy regime”. Ruhani, who is preparing for his doctorate, put forward Cartalucci’s proposition and then, when criticised by university students at the forum, said it was merely a hypothesis.

Malaysiakini readers gave him a pasting. Some comments:
Spinnot: Former Umno MP Ruhanie Ahmad said that "he did not make a conclusion, but merely raised a hypothesis for further studies" (on his allegation that Pakatan is a foreign stooge working to change the regime for the benefit of the United States).
Pamela Sodhy (formerly an associate professor at the History Department of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) made the following conclusion in 2012 in an Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS Malaysia) paper 'Malaysia-US Relations 2000-2011': "When compared to earlier phases, the present period shows the Malaysia-US relationship at its closest and deepest level – a partnership in the true sense of the term in that there is reciprocity on both sides…
Sali Tambap The Malaysians at large are also to be blamed when they are willing feed on this nonsense…. Umno think-tanks know how effective these are and they are using such tactics.
Abasir: A serious suggestion for Malaysiakini: Please start Komedikini. There is so much rip roaring material coming out everyday…
Supercession: I’m surprised they haven’t dragged China into the picture… Are these racial supremacists are afraid of upsetting China?
Billy The Kid: I’ll call Obama now.
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