Apa Lagi Zahid Hamidi Mahu?

I will scrutinise every statement, every sentence, every paragraph of Malaysiakini’s news. Don’t play with fire with me.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi PhD, minister of Malaysiakini affairs

Apa Lagi Zahid Mahu?

on Lim Guan Eng and the migrate issue

It is Lim who should apologise to me, because he misquoted my statement. I should not be apologising to him. Where are you from? That’s it lah, you (Malaysiakini) always twist my statements. It happens too often. When there is no issue, you create one. Write properly. It is he (Lim) who needs to apologise, not me, okay

on Anwar Ibrahim and their fathers’ countries

This country is also not (Anwar’s) father’s. It is neither my father’s country nor his father’s country. You have to write this down, Malaysiakini. You (Malaysiakini) always spin. Please write according to journalistic ethics. What else does Malaysiakini want to ask? Please don’t spin. I will scrutinise every statement, every sentence, every paragraph of Malaysiakini’s news. Don’t play with fire with me

Ahmad Zahid Hamini, PhD
Minister of Home Affairs
Minister of Malaysiakini Affairs
Minister of Foreign Home Affairs

» It’s not your father’s country either, retorts Zahid
» Don’t spin, stick to ethics, minister warns Malaysiakini


18 thoughts on “Apa Lagi Zahid Hamidi Mahu?

  1. Stupid asshole of a Minister, have got more dirt on him,just waiting for the time to reveal.take care Zahid, there’s a cell I’ve booked for you in Sg Buloh, complete with bunga mangga and the kompang gang plus your henchman too Sheik Ruzi…Ooppss…Oouch!!!

  2. I am so glad now that you are accepting the fact that none of you or your fathers are the owners of this country. Malaysia belongs to the Orang Asli in the West and the Head Hunters in the East, period. The sooner you get this into the thick skull of yours the better it will be especially so when so many atrocities are committed by the rapscallions from Umno.
    It may be too late to rectify them, nevertheless it is always better late than never, the original people from the country have been asking for them for decades. So do not try to shift the attention to anywhere else instead just spend time to address whatever you or Umno have done to them.
    Also Najib, please do not forget to start building the one million affordable house you promise to build for the people before the election. The clock has started ticking and you have now less than the five years you promised. Please remember I will keep reminding you of the promise you made to the people or will you come up, as usual, with many lame excuses you are too busy to ensure the one million affordable are built before the next election. I shall be watching and counting the days when the houses are built , one million of them !

  3. What right have you to tell all those who do not agree with Bn to leave the country? What right have you to utter that statement? Has Malaysiakini ,misquoted you in that you never uttered any words telling these people who are not supportive of BN or UMNO to leave the country? If that is so,, it will be correct of you to file a civil suit against all those who said what you did not say. Your reputation has been tainted and you must seek legal redress. Come on take these people to court. Let the Rakyat know the truth in court. We the Rakyat are waiting to see you testify in court. Let the accusers have their day to prove their allegations. Surely you will have no problems proving your case or have you?.

  4. He’s Just Excited at Being Given A Toy known as The Home Ministry to Whack Anyone that he Dislikes…

    Its Like a Kid who’s been given a Toy Gun. The Kid now Sees himself as the SuperMacho Kid and excitedly points the toy gun at anyone and everyone around him and Bang!Bang! Bang! he goes.

    Good Luck to the Police and Associated Services…You’ve got a loose cannon as your Boss!

  5. The big man is taking on a small young man and charging him with the threat of twenty years jail. Take some one bigger. A win against a small man like that is no win at all. Let us see whether the Police trained to see justice is done will succumb to their late training as lap dogs.Will the Rakyat think well of the police after their action? Will they enhance their reputation as honourable men with fairness and justice as their hall mark or will they be damn and curse by the Rakyat as dishonourable men who dishonour their positions.

  6. Because of this type of politicians, most intelligent peace loving Malaysians leaving the country and the country (Malaysia) now is flooded with 3rd world citizens, eg Bangladeshis, Nepalis, Indonesians, Iranians, Indians….not the skilled but the unskilled, criminals & druglords aka drug traffickers. The brain drain had been happening for so long. The oil&gas companies pays hefty sum to foriegners …many folds but it will never pay local a quarter of expat package to locals… It is just sad…very very sad. They regard locals as cheats while foreigners angels!!
    It sad most of our hard working, intelligent, sincere, decent profesionals, engineers, doctors, lawyers are developing other nations which has open & policies, transparent govt. Our country have debt of 500billion & its ironic the Sabah & Sarawak BN voters cannot understand debt of the nation.
    Malaysians future is at stake, FDI is unlikely.

    • Too True. PETRONAS is now full of Indonesians, its become receptacle for Indons not wanted in Indonesia. The local and foreign English Speaking technical Staff are having to resort to hand waving when their Indon Vocab runs out.

  7. Zahid and the new IGP, what a combination. Watch you guys in the media! King Ghaz (remember this guy?) is back in town, only that it will be worse.
    Zahid has to show that he is more Melayu than the Melayus if he wants to stays as VP in Umno and then become the DPM.

    • Better him than Hishamudin….Go Zahid go…. You got to do what you have to do, for the nation, for the country. For too long Malaysians have no respect for the law and order and it is causing unrest….to the rest of you who do not like him, well too bad you have met your match

  8. For someone reputedly having a PHd does he sound like a sane MP or a samseng Kg. Pengkalan ULU, talking to a bunch of rookies Jornos! Good M’kini we have still five years to cover him or would we?
    Let us see where the wind will blow for Najib, Hisham Nazri and Zahid come August 2013.. Someone just can’t wait till October or November!

  9. This is the real guy who will invade all the penyangak in Msia who thought no one will ever take any action against them on whatever storiesthey made just because they are the ‘opposition’ who are practising ‘kebebasan bersuara’. Go Zahid go.

  10. How Interesting…Robbers entered houses belonging to relatives of IGP and DPM’s and Robbed the daylights out of the, whilst the IGP and Zahid nabbed opposition activists (in retaliation?).

    Everything in Malaysia is turned upside down including the Appointment of Ministers (non contestants and former antigovt activist gets to be ministers and deputies whilst winners of elections from UMNO gets nothing).

  11. I respect police officers for what they stand for but unfortunately many of them become ‘little Hitler’s’ and seem to develop that Gestapo attitude which requires everyone to give them 100% respect. Being a police chief is really more about being a good manager and a good politician who do not pick on individuals but strive to be a good chief. I have heard rumors that many police chiefs are associated with gangs. These men use the legal system as a shield and have dealings with shady customers for the sake of making money and covering their trails. It is important to be aware of the fact that there is widespread corruption in Malaysia and in police forces. There are no moral superheroes. Stop picking on people and concentrate on how to carry out your duty effectively.

  12. You got it right all the way.The wheels of Malaysian society will not move smoothly without sufficient greaze.. Leave with it. Changes will only take place after a huge turmoil. The crooked systems have been perfected.

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