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YB of Reconciliations and Regrets speaks [video]

Tue 2013-May-21 @ +08 14:01:51 pm
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The big problem is Punctuation. If Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM he will only educate us in Poetry. That is not good. Poetry breaks all the rules of Punctuation.
Why Bee
deputy minister of rubbish, reconciliation and regrets

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  1. Rick permalink
    Tue 2013-May-21 @ +08 19:12:10 pm 19:12

    Funny but no need for the blackface though. In some countries it would be considered rascist

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Tue 2013-May-21 @ +08 19:44:34 pm 19:44

      Mostly white countries, where the pinks are afraid to seem condescending to the brown-black. We are no such problem here, we’re equally condescending to everyone. Besides how to make fun of Samy Vellu?

  2. Shadaan permalink
    Wed 2013-May-29 @ +08 22:11:11 pm 22:11

    Is this racist well it depends, on circumstances. eg comedian on stage will not be a problem . You doing it standing near an indian would be considered both racist and insulting. The act itself is not racist but its the intent behind the act that determines if it’s racist or not. if your just using the accent, then no. but if your making fun of the accent, then yes. it could be classed as racist. Overall this act possibly could be reacist because of the thin line and the black face.

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