Standing up to the bullies

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Finally, it comes down to motive. Why did Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan put herself in harm’s way, put her law practice on the backburner, and travel the length and breadth of the country educating Malaysians on clean and fair elections?

Because she believes that if we want a better government, better governance and a country that we can be proud of, then individuals must leave their comfort zones and take a stand.

Her courage and single-mindedness has come with a price, from clowns urging that her citizenship be revoked to the bum parade outside her home.

Utusan turns against Air Asia

Utusan turns against Air Asia

Azran's Tweet sparks a row

Azran’s Tweet sparks a row

Hata Wahari's one-man protest against Utusan

Hata Wahari’s one-man protest against Utusan

Why did AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman Rani react with anger when he saw that now infamous headline in the Utusan Malaysia, “Apa lagi Cina mahu?”

Because he believes, like many Malaysians, that it is offensive for one community to be made racist fodder by a newspaper in the wake of Election 2013.

His decision to speak up on Twitter against Utusan Malaysia’s racism has kicked off a firestorm of attacks from the newspaper and its right-wing supporters in Umno.

He has not buckled and neither have his employers. There is something truly inspiring when individual Malaysians stand up to threats, racism and all the other ills that continue to plague this blessed country.

What Malaysians who stand up for principles or stand up against racism need and deserve is support. Till today, only the alternative media have dared to call out Utusan Malaysia’s bullying tactics.

Utusan Malaysia’s comrades in the mainstream media have been complicit in the Malay language newspaper’s racism by their silence.

It is pointless talking about “We are Malaysia” when all you can offer is silence when someone actually stands up against racism.

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2 thoughts on “Standing up to the bullies

  1. I truly salute Dato Ambiga for her dedication and resolute in educating us Malaysian on what is or should be a truly Democratic and truly transparent Governance.cheers and God speed to you Madam, you will always be in my heart and prayers, so God the Almighty shall bless and protect you always, thanks from Lokman Mohd Noor ( Lok1, coz Thor’s busy in Aarsgard, and I’m in charge while he is gone )

  2. Stand up against the politicians who are bullying and threatening the public, you are more than them. If the public witness it happening then gain the courage as a group to stand up and say something before it is too late. The governments should not be allowed to make change to benefit a few or even the constitution unless all the state governments agree to the change. Bullying is serious and even if it can leave emotional scars on the nation, which affects the lives of the people. Take the pledge to stop it from taking place! Do what the activist are doing which is action otherwise your children will pay the price.

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