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How many more must die? – Insider editorial

Sun 2013-Jun-2 @ +08 18:15:55 pm

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How many more custodial deaths to reform procedures?

JUNE 02, 2013

P. Karuna Nithi died yesterday in a police lock-up, just under two weeks after N. Dharmendran died in another police lock-up.

How many more Malaysians or anyone else for that matter have to die before the authorities take notice and ensure that those who enter a police lock-up don’t come out in a body bag? How many more times do Malaysians have to raise this matter before the government takes action and throws the book at errant policemen? How many more times before Malaysians think that custodial deaths appear to be a policy condoned by those in power?

According to rights group Suaram, there were 218 cases of alleged deaths in custody in Malaysia from 2000 to this month, with its records showing that nine of those cases occurred in 2012, while five cases took place this year. A United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention 2010 visit to Malaysian prisons and detention centres reported in 2011 that between 2003 and 2007, “over 1,500 people died while being held by authorities.”

All this shows custodial deaths are not new. Previous cases have thrown up proposals for CCTVs, independent oversight and better procedures but still, people die in lock-ups.

The duly elected government must take action now. Any delay will further deepen the trust deficit that already persists in the country. After all, if we can’t trust the police with our lives, who can we trust? Any other answer than the police will lead to social breakdown, absolute distrust and lawlessness. All because the authorities have ignored what is clear to all of us — a police force that thinks it is a law unto itself.
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  1. Joe Black permalink
    Sun 2013-Jun-2 @ +08 19:44:53 pm 19:44

    The Change from Hishamuddin to Zahid Hamidi Mimics the Change from Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak, i.e Only to get worse not better.

    BN’s leaders have to stop playing this Musical Chairs Game if the Nation is to stop the continuing deaths in Custody. Appoint the Right People for the Right Job not picking blokes from the same Cesspool.

  2. vasantha permalink
    Sun 2013-Jun-2 @ +08 21:08:58 pm 21:08

    Prominent Indian political and business leaders make it your business to be concerned. Nallakaruppan, you sir have a good rapport with the government. Do something for your Indian brothers.

    • Joe Black permalink
      Mon 2013-Jun-3 @ +08 08:10:32 am 08:10

      Nalla’s Mission is not to help the Indians but to Whack Anwar Ibrahim. Either way like everyone else in the Senate he is reaping the benefit of Najib’s well known Mantra Lu Tolong Gua, Gua tolong Lu.

  3. Shadaan permalink
    Mon 2013-Jun-3 @ +08 05:19:56 am 05:19

    What sort of recommendations to stop the police practice of killing inmates has been made by the government or home ministry to stop these murders? Always remember that these murderous police personnel may have become serial or habitual killers who get away and then roam the streets of Malaysia fighting crime which is like killers employed to make law and order. When can we hope against hope that finally there is some change coming in the police practice of killing inmates? How many people, virtually all Tamil men, continue to accidentally die during contact with police- who is going to dedicate their time to fighting for justice for those victims since the government, the courts and the home ministry is silent as if they are celebrating these murderous events. Where are the Tamil leaders and what are they doing about this?

  4. Mon 2013-Jun-3 @ +08 07:53:11 am 07:53

    Two, three, four or even a thousand custodial deaths don’t make any right ? What can you expect from authorities that are there because of the colour of their skin and not for their righteous ability and as a result they must feel they are doing the authority a favour for being there ?


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