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Official protection racket of Barisan Nazional

Wed 2013-Jun-5 @ +08 15:57:11 pm
Or how police and politicians get away with murder

Or how police and politicians get away with murder

» Sergeant, two corporals charged with Dharmendran’s murder, another at large

» Home of the protection racket

» How many more must die?

» How Umno Malays think: Communists good, Democracy bad

» Umno thought control in action: Ampang woman arrested for FB comment

» A new, more honest name for BN

» Bishop: Bad law unjust, encourages evil enforcement

Hishammuddin yearning for a third force?

Hisham’s honeyed words after 4 years of repression

  1. tam jan lim permalink
    Wed 2013-Jun-5 @ +08 16:11:44 pm 16:11

    I thought only gangsters and the mob practice protection rackets. It is indeed a very lucrative buisiness

  2. Wed 2013-Jun-5 @ +08 18:42:44 pm 18:42

    Excellent… worth reducing font size a little so the credo reads as an endless loop of criminal complicity. Right now, one word is truncated.

  3. Shadaan permalink
    Wed 2013-Jun-5 @ +08 23:08:54 pm 23:08

    BN can write what they want to in order to impress. You are the same old racist and corrupted group that cannot be trusted. Show me that you are really different and honest.


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