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I’m done – Papagomo quits blogging

Thu 2013-Jun-6 @ +08 18:10:00 pm

Papagomo says he’s done. He announced on Twitter on Monday that he’s decided to concentrate on his apparel business and stop blogging, after several years of controversial postings which included sex videos implicating opposition politicians.

The infamous pro-Umno blogger gained national notoriety for publishing videos of a man resembling a politician and a woman said to be a China prostitute, and later being granted access by Mindef (the defence ministry) to the submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman at the Langkawi arms trade event.

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Or how police and politicians get away with murder

KL POS man denies being Papagomo
A man claiming to be Wan Muhamammad Azri told Sinar Harian that he was not PapaGomo as alleged by Rafizi.

“I would like to state here that my name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, identification card number 8301210350** and I am the chief executive of KL POS Media & Production Sdn Bhd. I stress here that I am not the blogger Papa Gomo as alleged by the opposition,” Sinar Harian reported.

Rafizi was unfazed by the denial and showed reporters photos that he said proved that Papagomo was Wan Azri including one of Papagomo on board the submarine. Rafizi said “Papagomo will be pinned down by members of his family and his ex-wife who have agreed to testify against him.”
Malaysia Chronicle

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim sued Papagomo for RM100mil in libel damages in March this year, and identified him as a dismissed police constable Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, 30.

In retaliation Papa Gomo released a teaser 80-second video on his blog allegedly showing Anwar with a university student who Papa Gomo said Anwar had sodomised. “Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy Mahasiswa Seasons 7 Episode 1” shows a person resembling Anwar seemingly engaging in small talk with another person who cannot be seen in the video and who was said to be the student.

A week later Federal police headquarters said Wan Muhammad Azri, a police constable, had been dismissed from the force on Sept 6 last year by the disciplinary board after he was found guilty by the Malaysian courts on a criminal charge brought on Oct 31, 2005.

The police statement came after revelations by Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategist Rafizi Ramli that Wan Muahmmad Azri had a police IC as well as a civilian IC and was registered as a voter in two separate constituencies.

A day later police said Wan Muhammad Azri was no longer registered as a postal voter.

Rafizi also revealed that Wan Muhd Azri’s record had been expunged from the Election Commission online voter database, and showed earlier screenshots of Wan Muhd Azri’s registration as a voter in Ampang and Wangsa Maju constituencies in Kuala Lumpur.


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  1. Fri 2013-Jun-7 @ +08 07:53:54 am 07:53

    Good riddance and make sure you keep your words, one thing for sure Malaysia will not miss you and whatever you do !

  2. Ed G permalink
    Fri 2013-Jun-7 @ +08 10:31:15 am 10:31

    He is just a spent force and he realises it after GE 13.

  3. Shadaan permalink
    Sat 2013-Jun-8 @ +08 03:37:44 am 03:37

    Good riddance to this bad rubbish. Go and get a real job.

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