NST ‘insults’ Perak sultan?

Or how to get into trouble doing nothing

What you see on Facebook

What you see on Facebook

What will Perkasa & Allies and the sedition-happy mob do about this?

The photo above is a screenshot from mobile Facebook, showing how an NST story about a murder appears when shared by a Facebook user. The nearest available photo usually gets placed on the posting, without anyone really paying much attention to what the machine does on its own.

But plenty of fascist-minded people looking for a cause might choose to take “offence”, either to cause problems for the NST or the Facebook user who posted the story, neither of whom might be aware which photo the system would place.

Have a bite

These days it’s so easy to get into “trouble” even if you did nothing wrong.

Senang je kalau nak cari pasal.

Go on, have a Cadbury’s chocolate while you munch on this.

Oh, talking of murder

• in 2002 there was this Perak case (but not involving the Sultan): Malaysian royalty scandalised by murder and Tales of witchcraft, murder at palace — four men were eventually convicted of the killing.

Then in 2006, there was
Malaysia princess ‘killed by son’


• 2014: Karpal found guilty after earlier acquittal

• 2014: Internet regulator hunting Malaysians who insulted royals

• 2014: Rayer denies viral graphic of him insulting late Perak sultan

• 2013: Salesman fined RM15,000 for remarks insulting Perak Sultan

• 2012: Jail, fine for online insult of sultan
• 2009: Six to be charged for insulting Perak Sultan


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  1. People who like to find themselves offended should just be locked away in dungeons with only rats and cockroaches for food. That way, society is safe from them.

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