What now for FZ.com?

Question mark over site’s future

The takeover of Malaysian Insider by Edge Media group places an obvious question mark on the future of the Edge’s sister news site FZ.com which has had a relatively minor impact in the media scene since its setting up two years ago.

Inevitably, there are fears that Edge management would now shut the site, given the strength and visibility of the Insider for hard-hitting analyses and commentaries and the occasional scoop in politics and government.

In the shadow of the big two (MalaysiaKini and Insider) and with competition from Malaysia Today, Free Malaysia Today, The Ant Daily, Rakyat Post and sundry blogs and smaller news sites, FZ’s offering of soft news will take a lot more time to earn it recognition — and readership, meaning page views.

FZ began in October 2012 with a relatively young crew of journalists recruited from the Sun, Free Malaysia Today and other titles.

Rebuilding the site to make it more distinctive and to complement the Insider (which already attempts to be a complete package of news, features and lifestyle stories) would require a lot more commitment and resources.

Edge chief executive Ho Kay Tat made no mention of the company’s plans for FZ.com in his announcement of the Insider deal.

But many tongues are already wagging, and awaiting further word.