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Shock! Soup Nazi’s house burns!

Sat 2014-Jul-5 @ +08 13:17:11 pm

Wow. What a story!

The house of the Minister Against Feeding the Homeless

The house of the Minister Against Feeding the Homeless

Oh delicious irony! Flames envelope the luxurious house of the minister who’s against feeding street people of Kuala Lumpur — Tengku Adnan Mansor, the minister for the federal territories, or known here as the Soup Nazi.

Quickly, quickly, share on the Internet.

It’s just made for sharing isn’t it? It comes with many heartstring-tugging themes:

• bigshot with several big houses campaigning against little people with nothing;
• the powerful against the powerless;
• the mighty against the humble;
• the wealthy against the penniless;
• the patrician capitalist versus the vagrant proletariat.

Best of all, there’s instant retribution! His house caught fire! Ha! Ha! Ha! Serves him right.

What a story!

Too bad it only happened three years ago and not yesterday.

9th of May, 2011.

Sad, isn’t it?

Don’t laugh too much at the suffering that the poor man with the big house must have gone through. Didn’t your Mummy teach you not to make fun of people’s suffering? Whether their mummies ever taught politicians and bureaucrats anything about compassion I will leave to philosophers and quantum physicists to answer. It’s too tough a moral problem for mere mortals to grapple with.

In the meantime, back at the ranch…

Told to stay out of the Golden Triangle, soup kitchen closes instead

Told to stay out of the Golden Triangle, soup kitchen closes instead

Told to move, Rosmah-endorsed Soup Kitchen closes instead

So the Soup Nazi has claimed his first scalp. Kechara Soup Kitchen has decided to close its operations, saying that it will comply with the minister’s order.

But the city authorities didn’t order them to close. The city only said soup kitchens must stay out of a 4km-wide exclusion zone centred on the big money Golden Triangle hotel-shopping-tourist=makan district.

Kechara director Justin Cheah did not say why, only that: “Kechara is happy to work hand in hand with the government as we provide the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development with statistics and data of our homeless.”

High-profile Kechara was officially opened in 2011 — endorsed by Rosmah Mansor, wife of the Umno president, who was the guest-of=honour at the ceremony, and Sharizat Jalil, then minister for women’s affairs.
» First Lady of Malaysia Opens Kechara Soup Kitchen!!
» YouTube video of Rosmah at opening

So how does Tengku Adnan get away with shutting down something that Rosmah endorsed?

Maybe the answer lies in Lot 10, the hotspot centre of the no-go zone.


The original soup opera

The original soup opera

Today is the 25th anniversary of the first broadcast of Seinfeld, the television comedy series. The Soup Nazi episode appeared in the seventh season.

Sychronicity is serendipitious.


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