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KDN holds back Economist’s Arab issue

Tue 2014-Jul-8 @ +08 16:56:41 pm

Held back by KDN

KDN have held back the current issue of The Economist, featuring the “poisoned history” of the Arabs, according to Malaysiakini. “Due to sensitive content in the July 5, 2014 print edition of The Economist, there has been a delay in distribution,” the weekly newspaper said in an email to subscribers. It is not known which article was deemed “sensitive” by KDN, and the ministry has yet to respond to Malaysiakini’s enquiries.

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Here’s the Malaysiakini report.

3:00PM Jul 8, 2014
‘Sensitive content’ delays The Economist again

Malaysian subscribers of international current affairs magazine The Economist will not get their July edition in time this month due to “sensitive content”, the magazine said.

Apologising in an email to subscribers, the magazine, however, did not specify which article in its July 5 edition is deemed “sensitive”.

“Due to sensitive content in the July 5, 2014 print edition of The Economist, there has been a delay in distribution.

“Please be assured we will get your copy to you the earliest possible. We appreciate your continued patience and apologise for any inconvenience it may cause,” the email reads.

The magazine also reminds subscribers that they still have access to the digital version, depending on the package they subscribe to.

The Economist’s July edition front-pages an article on the Arab world entitled ‘The tragedy of the Arabs’.

The article discusses the Arab Spring, sectarian violence, religious extremism, civil wars and other strife in the region and contrasts it with ancient civilisations, which flourished there centuries ago.

“Pluralism, education, open markets: these were once Arab values and they could be so again.

“Today, as Sunnis and Shias (sic) tear out each others’ throats in Iraq and Syria and a former general settles onto his new throne in Egypt, they are tragically distant prospects.

“But for a people for whom so much has gone so wrong, such values still make up a vision of a better future,” the article concludes.

Last March, The Economist was held back because it featured a picture of gay men kissing.

The edition was later released in stores after the kissing picture was blacked out.

Malaysiakini has contacted The Economist and the Home Ministry for comment and is awaiting their reply

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