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Disgusting! M’sian journo pokes MH17 remains with stick — on air

Fri 2014-Jul-25 @ +08 21:47:01 pm

Malaysia Gazette’s chief reporter sticks it to press ethics

Malaysia can now boast of yet another international achievement: membership in the MH17 Journalism Hall of Shame, for a disgusting violation of privacy in death.

Malaysia Gazette goes low and dirty in eastern Ukraine

Malaysia Gazette goes low and dirty in eastern Ukraine [Screenshot of YouTube video]

The Malaysian act of shame surfaced days after

Then on Wednesday, Malaysia Gazette, a year-old online news site, posted a video report from eastern Ukraine showing its chief reporter, Khairuddin Mohd Amin, using a stick to poke at what looks like a body part of a victim.

Then the videographer zooms in for a close-up of the charred body part which is shown for several seconds.

You can view the disgusting video at:

The Gazette video above has been removed. It was taken down some time after this posting last night.

A copy of the video was posted under a different name "Uitm video" using the Malaysia Gazette logo

Malaysia Gazette also ran this blurb under the video at YouTube:

Tinjauan MalaysiaGazette di Grovovo, Ukraine menemui secebis kulit manusia milik mangsa nahas MH17

A linke to the video was also posted at Facebook, where a Gazette follower, Khaled Radzaif, questioned the web site’s lack of ethics:

Sepatutnya kamu tak boleh sentuh daging mangsa dgn kayu, pijak bangkai pesawat semata2 utk kamera. Etika kewartawanan kamu kat mana?
Sticking it to MH17: Malaysia Gazette's Khairuddin Mohd Amin

Sticking it to MH17: Malaysia Gazette’s Khairuddin Mohd Amin

Malaysia Gazette began operations on Aug 1 last year, one of a handful of well-funded new online web sites set up by Barisan Nasional supporters to counter the influence of dissident and critical voices online, which is believed to have had a major influence in swaying urban public opinion at the 2013 general election.

The web site says it was set up “to meet the challenges in the fast advancing world of cyber journalism” and boasts “a line-up of journalists, photographers and videographers with vast journalism experiences” to present “various dimensions of news”.

It adds: “MalaysiaGazette.Com wants to be the official platform to all Malaysians in presenting well balanced news updates while maintaining the sensitivity of all races and religions.”

After what they did in eastern Ukraine, the question will come to mind: how much lower — with the tacit support and approval of Malaysian officials — can Malaysian standards go?

Journalism hall of shame

Caroline van den Huevel reading a victim's diary.

Caroline van den Huevel reading a victim’s diary.

ABC's Phil Williams picked up wreckage.

ABC’s Phil Williams picked up wreckage.

  1. Fri 2014-Jul-25 @ +08 22:59:59 pm 22:59

    They are no better than the perpetrators. These grave diggers are associated and work for the Malaysian UMNO politicians who are not sane and principled themselves. They have made a mess out of Malaysia and want to live in this mess.

    • Sat 2014-Jul-26 @ +08 01:28:31 am 01:28

      I think you are worst than the reported for associating everything with UMNO. Bercakap melalui bontot.

  2. Rb Salleh permalink
    Sat 2014-Jul-26 @ +08 06:39:19 am 06:39

    What a disgrace to all Malaysians.

  3. Chin Tu Lan permalink
    Sun 2014-Jul-27 @ +08 02:07:48 am 02:07

    The purple thing is a MAS blanket – no crime there. But the others are bloody disgusting. Says much for Malaysia Gazette that even after operating for one year, no one has heard of it. And they won’t be operating much longer. Please do not call yourself a Malaysian and embarrass us all.


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